The State of the Union

It was a bit odd not to be in Canada for Canada Day (why?) but it’s been great to hang out with family and celebrate the 4th of July holiday instead.

A sense of pride, a sense of community – these characteristics have jumped out at me over the past two days while vacationing in Southern Vermont.

Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Last night we went to an outdoor concert put on by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra followed by showstopping fireworks.

Today we went to a 4th of July parade. Everywhere we went people were in holiday mode, celebrating family, friendship and community.

Young, old, those who serve, sports teams, music and of course groups expressing their political opinions all walked with pride today down the main street of their hometown.

As I learned last weekend community is all around – it’s about sharing and celebrating things you have in common with others. And maybe raising a glass or two while you are at it!

Here are a few shots of today.

Main Street USA

A beautiful day for a ride

Those who serve

Of course, the firetrucks from every neighbouring community





This summed up my thinking about community  …

Happy 4th of July to my US family and new friends I’ve met this weekend!

Have you celebrated community lately?

images via moi & here


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