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Restoration Hardware Fall Catalogue

I got the Fall Restoration Hardware catalogue in the mail last week. It was huge and I found myself reading it like I would a magazine!

I’ve always been a fan of Restoration Hardware for their bath hardware and accessories and generally look online for products.  But in looking through the massive catalogue a few lighting and furniture pieces jumped out at me …

I just love this orb chandelier

Orb chandelier in a bedroom

Check out these unique birdcage chandeliers

Up close …

Then there was this really cool domed Versailles chair

I love the shape, the textured material and the nailhead trim

I also liked the lines of this chair

This is billed as a dining room chair but I’m not sure how practical it would be for dining.

Regardless, I love the curves and the distressed leather.

And one more look at the orb lights … this time as a floor lamp

Now I just have to figure out how I could incorporate a new chair or lighting into my home!

images via here

P.S. I wasn’t compensated in any way for this post … just thought I’d share some things I like


Bunk Beds

My older two boys share a room and sleep in bunk beds. Since we moved them to bunk beds it’s been great as it has opened up a ton of space in their room for quiet time away from the chaos of the rest of the house.

I love bunk beds. Not only are they practical as a space saving measure but there is something really cosy about them, too. Check out these bunk beds I came across …

I love the high ceilings, panelling and shelving on the lower bunks

The colours, striped bedding and throw pillows unifies a tiny space

The airiness of the room and simplicity of the bedding creates a cottage vibe

I love the industrial feel of these floating bunk beds

(although I’m pretty sure my busy boys would figure out how to swing from the ceiling in them!)

Simple, yet elegant complete with small details like a porthole window on the lower bunks and nautical lighting for each bed

More quad bunk beds … a relatively monochromatic colour scheme to minimize congestion

Framing the beds as a built-in unit creates a private space for each bed

I just love the nooks these beds are built into – the textured paneling and stripes are divine

Can you feel the summer breeze in this space? Love the white and love the texture

Have you ever slept in bunk beds? What type of bunk beds do you like?

all images via here

Deep Breaths …

I’ve been AWOL this week from de blog. I’ve been dying to write. Didn’t realize what a creative outlet it’s been to write and post my musings, inspirations and dreamy thoughts.

It’s been a nutso week. I’ve got a project under construction and another at the design concepts stage. And, since I am not working totally full-time at this point it’s been a little busier than I bargained for at the start of the summer. Older kids in camp and one fantastic mother’s helper and wonderful family have aided in my madness but I’ve been running a little regardless.

Today, I want to get back to my dreamy place and so I’m sharing some things I’ve come across that I either love or make me chuckle.


Love this tree wallpaper

Fun Laundry Tub

A canoe on the ceiling

Blistering Sun

A cosy third floor

I’m gonna remember this mantra more often … work on letting things roll off my back and …

Happy Friday everyone … hope you enjoyed a little randomness today. Have an excellent weekend!


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Anyone a fan of Entourage?

The current issue of Architectural Digest has a feature on the interiors of the sets and homes from the HBO series “Entourage“. Sadly, it is in its 8th and final season (sob). It is hilarious, brilliantly written and is blindingly full of people eye candy and the spaces they play in.

For those not in the know, Entourage follows the ups and downs of fictional Hollywood star Vincent Chase, his agent Ari Gold and his “entourage” Eric, Turtle and Drama.

What’s so cool about the sets and locations used in this show is how many different design styles are showcased and how each reflects a different part of the characters persona.

One of my favourites is Vince’s agent Ari Gold. Professionally, Ari is a bulldog. He gets what he wants at whatever cost. Backstabbing, lying, cheating are all in the mix. He walks around with two Blackberries, talks a mile a minute and swears more than a trucker (sorry to you truckers out there). The Miller Gold Agency is ultra modern, open concept and intimidating to the uninitiated.Check out the size of the marble floor tiles!

At home, Ari checks his ego at the door. Mrs. Ari is totally in charge on the home and it’s reflected in their home decor. Soft lighting, hardwood floors and overall traditional decor creates a cosy, warm vibe that is in sharp contrast to Ari’s office.

Vince spends a lot of time in movie studio offices and the sets for these scenes are built to evoke old-style Hollywood glamour.

The gang lived in a bunch of different homes including ultra modern homes in the Hollywood Hills like this one …

Or, a hotel penthouse …

Vince and his boys don’t get much credit for creating the awesome spaces they live and play in – they tend to move into already furnished homes. What they do add to their pad are media centres and games rooms.

But seriously, when the star of the show looks like this … who cares about the decor?

If you haven’t checked out the show do it. Do you have a TV show whose set and/or location you love?

image 1 via here, 2-5 via here, image 6 via here

Haliburton Forest Store

I’ve just returned from 11 wonderful days up at my family cottage near Haliburton. The first picture you see is a view of the lake. It was a great break, wonderful weather and the lake was as warm as a bathtub.

While there, I checked out The Forest Store. The Forest Store sells beautiful items handcrafted at the Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve. (sidenote: If you are ever in the area you should check out the Reserve – tons to do in all seasons.)

I just loved the all the wood items and the creative ways pieces of wood had been shaped and repurposed. Here are a few yummies I wanted to share with you …

Burled wood bowl

a wolf puzzle

bread boards

candle holders carved into birch tree logs

another stunning bowl

my sidekick really liked this chair

I resisted buying about ten items I had my eye on and came away with these … I had originally envisioned giving the smaller candle holders away as hostess gifts but am considering keeping them for myself!

If you are ever Haliburton you should totally check The Forest Store out.

all images via moi

Note: I wasn’t compensated in any way for this post … just shared with you something that I really liked!

Distinguished but not too masculine

There is a fine line between creating a workspace that is distinguished but not too masculine. A space that commands respect but doesn’t intimidate. And, a space that is comfortable for both men and women.

I am working on a new project and my client loves dark everything … dark wood, dark walls, dark furniture. He loves a workspace that evokes memories of a traditional gentleman’s club or the offices of an old-school law firm.

The challenge will be to incorporate what he loves and create a space that is both warm and inviting for clients and others in the office but is a more contemporary than traditional.

A tall order – yes. Am working my way through some ideas but here are some initial images I’ve come across that I will be using as inspiration along the way.

A very masculine office space

A Tommy Smythe kitchen - love the dark & light

A Mid-Century office - Mad Men anyone?

Another kitchen - more dark & light

Lots of art, heavy frames

Dark walls, detailed wood desk, bold rug

When you think of distinguished spaces, what comes to mind?

all images via here

The Power of Water

I’ve always been fascinated by how water can shape the environment. It can take sharp edges and wear them down over time. It creates rivers where there wasn’t one previously.

Water has a calming effect on me. We recently went on a family hike and part of it was along a river that was running off the mountain.

So soothing how it flows …

Someone had spent a lot of time to build a series of Inukshuks in one section of the river. There were probably 30 in one small area!

Boys wouldn’t be boys of course without some good ‘ol rock throwing …

And then building their own Inukshuk.

Do you find water soothing? Don’t you just love how it can carve a path through anything?

What do you love about water?