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A Blue Mountain View

I was exploring the online portfolio of Toronto-based architecture firm 3rd UNCLE Design Inc. today and saw this home they did in Blue Mountain.

I love the views and the way the property is integrated into its environment. It’s low profile roof, floor to ceiling windows and light airy finishings inside allow the surrounding landscape to dominate your senses.

all images from 3rd UNCLE Design Inc.

I could definitely spend time in a retreat like this. Could you?


A Kitchen I’d like …

I came across this photo today on House Beautiful that I wanted to share with you.

via House Beautiful

Am loving the soft blue-grey colour scheme and the industrial accents in the pendant light fixture and counter stools. The tiled wall makes the space seem spacious and airy.

This kitchen was created for a hockey player who wanted a bachelor pad and the designers successfully achieved a masculine look but also kept the space light and airy. You can check out the rest of the house here.

Bachelor pad or not, I think this would be a kitchen I’d like to cook in!

On an unrelated note …

I recently wrote an article for the Yummy Mummy Club on creating a Basement Hockey Space for my three crazy boys to run around in. As with most projects around our house it’s a work in progress but will be awesome when it’s finished!!

If you have a minute, check it out here.

Happy Friday!

My name is Sarah and I am a handbag addict

Anyone who knows me knows that I love handbags. My styles tend to range from monster Mary Poppins-type bags to darling clutches that are perfect for night’s out. As you may recall, I wrote a while back about my wish-list for a stylish camera bag.

Here are a couple of examples of what’s rocking my handbag collection at the moment …

Exhibit A: Sarah is a fashionable human who is capable of carrying only her own things (ie the purse can be small!)

My new copper leather clutch from K.Slademade – it’s so soft to touch and the colour is rich!

Exhibit B: Sarah is a mother of three who carries around an assortment of snacks, wipes, Lego figures, mini-excavators and, oh yeah, my own gear (reading between the lines you might guess that this purse is on the largeola side).

My new “Poetry” bag in grey from Banyan Hippo whose shop I came across on Etsy. It hasn’t arrived yet but am looking forward to having it in my hands!

It got me thinking though about storage and organization for handbags. Currently I have several shelves in my closet area dedicated to handbags. This works. Mostly. But I could use something to keep them all upright … there is a little bit of pile syndrome going on.

Check out a few ideas I came across …

Hanging your handbags up using shower curtain hooks

via Real Simple

Or a whole room dedicated to handbags and shoes … wow!

via Apartment Therapy

These handbag cubbies are practical (a little weak on the visually appealing side though)

via here

I just love this shelving for handbag organization and the leopard print wallpaper in the background!

via Made By Girl

How do you organize your handbags?

I Adore this office space

Happy Monday!

I read the latest issue of Adore Magazine over the weekend and came across this amazing office space designed for a PR firm in New York City. Check it out.

I love the bold use of black and white, the use of shape on the coffee table, chairs and bookcase and the tufted rose-coloured sofa adds a perfect dose of femininity.

This space would be an inspiration and joy to work in every day. It’s glamourous without being over the top bling. What do you think?

If you get a minute check out Adore Magazine – it’s an online home and lifestyle magazine based in Australia that is full of inspiration.

image via here

Confession: I love orange but am not a fan of pumpkin earrings

It’s starting to feel a lot more like fall … unlike the 25 C ++ temperatures we had last week and over the weekend! One of things I adore about fall is the colours.

Reds, oranges, yellows … all are top of my list! In fact, my toes are painted orange right now 🙂

I love decorating with colour and especially bold fall colours but sometimes I find it can be over the top in terms of seasonal decorating.

Here’s an example … pumpkins, gourds, candles, leaves and black birds, oh, my!

I generally subscribe to the idea that less is more which is why images like the one above can give me hives.

I like subtle hints of seasonal decorating … you will never catch me wearing a festive sweater or pumpkin earrings. Not my style.

Instead I like to blend seasonal elements with existing decor.

Fall is great because you can pull in bold colours but also rustic and textural elements that celebrate the harvest and the changing season.

Small pops of colour mixed in with natural elements like these pumpkins below are more my style.

It might not be orange or red but I love the rustic element of the wooden bowls combined with the green apples.

I love how the pumpkins have been pulled in to serve a specific purpose

I love the combination of the lights, pumpkins and metal of the pail … very rustic … very fall

The simple statement of the pumpkin at the door acknowledges the season.

What kind of fall decor do you gravitate towards? Do you wear “Pumpkin Earrings”?

images via here

An amazing summer weekend … in October

This past weekend was Thanksgiving according to the calendar but summer if you were going by the thermometer.

We headed up north for some of it and it was absolutely fantastic.

Here is a taste of the beauty we were surrounded by …

How did you enjoy this amazing Thanksgiving weekend?

all images via moi

I’ve got the blues …

I actually don’t have the blues but have been under the weather all week with a stupid chest infection … thank you lungs!

So I thought I’d share a few images with you of spaces that are wrapped in a soft blue palette. They evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation, an air of informality and casual living.

And finally, I am hoping to see some of this kinda of blue sky this weekend …

Happy Thanksgiving!

images via here

Staging a property for sale or for theatre?

I came across this amusing post the other day on Desire to Inspire and I just had to share some of the images with you. It is a real estate listing for a home in Sweden that includes real people dressed in old world costumes in the photos … the home has been “staged” except not in the traditional sense but think theatre “stage”.

The initial feedback from readers on Desire to Inspire was that it was creepy. I could see that but I found it hysterical and unique. Maybe I’m getting into the Halloween spirit early.

Check it out …

So, what do you think? Anyone else find this as amusing as I do?

all images from here