Confession: I love orange but am not a fan of pumpkin earrings

It’s starting to feel a lot more like fall … unlike the 25 C ++ temperatures we had last week and over the weekend! One of things I adore about fall is the colours.

Reds, oranges, yellows … all are top of my list! In fact, my toes are painted orange right now ๐Ÿ™‚

I love decorating with colour and especially bold fall colours but sometimes I find it can be over the top in terms of seasonal decorating.

Here’s an example … pumpkins, gourds, candles, leaves and black birds, oh, my!

I generally subscribe to the idea that less is more which is why images like the one above can give me hives.

I like subtle hints of seasonal decorating … you will never catch me wearing a festive sweater or pumpkin earrings. Not my style.

Instead I like to blend seasonal elements with existing decor.

Fall is great because you can pull in bold colours but also rustic and textural elements that celebrate the harvest and the changing season.

Small pops of colour mixed in with natural elements like these pumpkins below are more my style.

It might not be orange or red but I love the rustic element of the wooden bowls combined with the green apples.

I love how the pumpkins have been pulled in to serve a specific purpose

I love the combination of the lights, pumpkins and metal of the pail … very rustic … very fall

The simple statement of the pumpkin at the door acknowledges the season.

What kind of fall decor do you gravitate towards? Do you wear “Pumpkin Earrings”?

images via here


About Sarah

Sarah is constantly ReDesigning things. From ReDesigning spaces for others or ReDesigning herself from corporate operations whiz into interior decorator and blogger โ€“ itโ€™s all about ReDesign.

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  1. Pumpking earrings are not my style either! I love you choices for simple pops of fall colours…..very pretty.

  2. Ha! It’s so funny you posted this today . . . I have on pumpkin earrings. I only wear them about twice a year. HA!
    I love the vase with the tiny pumpkins in it and the table cloth weights.

  3. I didn’t even know pumpkin earrings existed ๐Ÿ˜‰ Simple fall decor for me, please.

  4. My favorites are the wooden bowls with green apples and the dangling pumpkins holding down the table cloth. Wonderful post. I agree with you…less is sometimes more. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So nice to meet you through BYW.
    All the best,

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