My name is Sarah and I am a handbag addict

Anyone who knows me knows that I love handbags. My styles tend to range from monster Mary Poppins-type bags to darling clutches that are perfect for night’s out. As you may recall, I wrote a while back about my wish-list for a stylish camera bag.

Here are a couple of examples of what’s rocking my handbag collection at the moment …

Exhibit A: Sarah is a fashionable human who is capable of carrying only her own things (ie the purse can be small!)

My new copper leather clutch from K.Slademade – it’s so soft to touch and the colour is rich!

Exhibit B: Sarah is a mother of three who carries around an assortment of snacks, wipes, Lego figures, mini-excavators and, oh yeah, my own gear (reading between the lines you might guess that this purse is on the largeola side).

My new “Poetry” bag in grey from Banyan Hippo whose shop I came across on Etsy. It hasn’t arrived yet but am looking forward to having it in my hands!

It got me thinking though about storage and organization for handbags. Currently I have several shelves in my closet area dedicated to handbags. This works. Mostly. But I could use something to keep them all upright … there is a little bit of pile syndrome going on.

Check out a few ideas I came across …

Hanging your handbags up using shower curtain hooks

via Real Simple

Or a whole room dedicated to handbags and shoes … wow!

via Apartment Therapy

These handbag cubbies are practical (a little weak on the visually appealing side though)

via here

I just love this shelving for handbag organization and the leopard print wallpaper in the background!

via Made By Girl

How do you organize your handbags?


About Sarah

Sarah is constantly ReDesigning things. From ReDesigning spaces for others or ReDesigning herself from corporate operations whiz into interior decorator and blogger – it’s all about ReDesign.

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  1. Thanks for allowing me to start my day with a bellowing out loud laugh! Loved the title:) I have to admit I am a terrible “hand bag organizer”! They usually end up stacked on a top closet shelf somewhere (did I mention full of receipts, old lipsticks,change in the bottom!). Thanks for some great ideas for my new closet. Never thought to hang them.

  2. i love bags too!! especially when the price is right. honestly though, who has that much space for handbag storage mine are in a pile at the bottom of my closet and the others thrown up to the shelf at the top of my closet that I can’t really reach. enjoyed the post!!

  3. My gosh, where do I begin? I was a handbag-hoarding “fat kid” back in uni. I couldn’t pass a bag/purse shop without picking up something/anything that I would eventually toss on to my sorry pile of bags “I could not live without” … and would never ever use (it’s a pain to relocate the innards of one’s bag once you break into it).

    I ramble too much. To answer your question, as a student, I used to store mine in a massive pile in a blue IKEA bag in my non-walk-in cupboards (cringe). Nowadays, I’ve pared it down to a much more respectable number: 3. And, they each have their own shelving space in my cupboard (possible when you can count your handbags on one hand).

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I love that Poetry bag. Let me know what you think when you receive it; I’d like to order one.
    My handbags hang on hooks in the back of my closet. I have some vintage handbags from my mom that I’d like to get refurbished. They’re very Mad Men-ish.
    Rebecca (from BYW)

  5. Great blog Sarah!!!
    I just finished designing my walk-in-closet (yes, key word, “Mine”) and I hung up a bunch of hooks along the top left wall to hang my bags behind my “going out” tops. On my shelves, I have shoes, baskets to house my clutches, and space to display my vintage purses, jewellery, and oversized bags.

    What I did really when designing the closet, was to take down the standard 3 bar/shelf combo, measured the height & width of each wall, and drew on paper the best way to get maximum storage, right up to the ceiling! Literally thinking “outside the box”. So I have 4 clothing bars, 3 wide shelves, lots of hooks for all my scarves, belts, bags, and a jewellery wall with a vintage mirror. All I need to make the perfect outfit is a step ladder.

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