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The Advent Season is Upon Us

Even though today is November 30th and the ‘1’ in Advent Calendars gets opened tomorrow I thought I’d take a moment to share some Advent Calendar inspiration.

May your holiday season be full of Peace, Hope, Joy & Love.

Do you have an Advent Calendar?


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One Last Florida Sunset: More Colour Inspiration

Nothing like a holiday to get the creative juices rolling.

Today I’m thinking of ways to incorporate the sandy beach, the pinky corals of the shells and the bold sunsets we enjoyed into spaces back home.

And with a pop of blue inspired by this chair we sat in at the ice cream shop.

If I was bringing Florida home with me (which I am desperate to do given that I am coming home to winter!) here are some beach inspired colours for my home:

A little bluesy, a little sand with a pop of sunset thrown in for good measure. What do you think?

I will be dreaming of the next time I see this beauty …


Colours Inspired by a Florida Beach Vacation

It’s dreary November at home … but I am in hot, sunny weather right now and am feeling the love for blue skies, sand, shells and breezy colours.

There is so much inspiration all around me right now.

Shells on the beach.

The blue of the swimming pool.

The green on the golf course.

Or the amazing sunset.

It got me thinking about what colours I would put in my Florida home.

Looking at my Affinity colour fan deck from Benjamin Moore … here are four colours that I would work for me:

The blues of the pool and sky, the green reflects the palm trees, lush vegetation and the grass on the golf course and the yellow for a burst of colour.

What colours would make you happy in your tropical paradise?

Image of the Day: A Grand Beach House

via East Coast Home + Design

A Modern Connecticut Home

Spaces designed by Scottsdale, Arizona based Jamie Herzlinger are known for incorporating texture through bold use of fabrics and creative architectural features.

This Connecticut home, featured in the current issue of Lonny mag and previously in East Coast Home + Design posed a creative challenge for Herzlinger to create a space that was minimal and modern in design yet maintained a warm and luxurious feel.

I just love what she did with this home and wanted to share it with you.









I’ve just added another house to my inspiration file for my “someday” country home.

What do you think?

Bookcases: Style and Function!

I had a request recently for some visual love of bookcases. Yes, bookcases hold books (duh). But they are also a place to display memories, photos and other treasures.

My older two boys made pet rocks in daycare one year when they were two. I still have them tucked in a special spot on one of my bookcases.

One of the challenges is how to style a bookcase. Do you line all the books up so that everything is totally linear and symmetrical? Perhaps. If you were arranging books in a library that were all the same size and shape a uniform look would work well. Sort of (can you tell I’m not the biggest fan?).

You can mix things up. Stack some books vertically, stack some horizontally.


Give your books space to breathe – don’t cram the bookcase so full that it is bursting at the seams. This will visually open up your space.


Incorporate special vases, plates and other decorative objects into your display. I was recently at my sister’s house helping with her bookcases and I started by raiding her buffet to incorporate some of her china on her bookshelf.


Create visual interest in your items on display but also in the bookcase itself – grasscloth wallpaper is one example.


Or paint the back …


Sometimes the location of the bookcase dictates some of the form and function.




Get creative with your standard Ikea bookcases. Add crown, add a base … amp up the architectural features – here is an example of a souped up “Billy” bookcase from Ikea:


What do your bookcases look like? What are your favourite tricks to style your bookcases?

Today I Remember …

Today I’m thankful for the simple things in life …

A warm bed

Being able to walk my boys to school

Being able to find inspiration from around the world and know that I have the freedom to travel there if I can

And I am thankful for being able to say what I want without fear of punishment.

Thank you to everyone (especially you, Papa) who fought and are fighting today. I dearly treasure my peaceful country and my freedom. I am eternally grateful.

Please take a moment to Remember today.


images 1, 4 via here, images 2, 3, 5 via moi

Loft Love

I love the huge ceilings, exposed beams and wide open spaces in lofts. However, lofts can be tricky spaces to decorate for the very same reasons I love them.

I love the look of this loft – lots of texture with the wood beams and exposed brick and defined spaces in the living area and kitchen. The light coming into the space is fabulous and the wood beams and a collection of wall art define the living space yet retain the loft-like feel.

What do you think? Do you like lofts?


image via here

Meet Caillou … the fish

My youngest son turned three recently. He really wanted to have a “fishy” party for his birthday. After a whole lot of questions we figured out that he wanted a swimming party. So off we went to the local pool with some friends and family.

We had fish (cupcakes) …

And, one of the presents that he received was a fish … he named it Caillou after his favourite TV show. It’s been about three weeks now and the fish is still alive – considering we forget to feed our dog every periodically that’s saying something (don’t worry we aren’t bad parents – the kids are usually fed and dressed appropriately for the weather :-).

The thing is, Caillou came in a glass bowl. Which is okay (sort of).

I got to wondering what other fish tanks were out there – the short answer is lots! Check ’em out:

This is weird Sarah humour – stick with me … here kitty kitty

Imagine if this was your bedroom?

A built-in fish tank

Bizzare right? I’m not sure how I’d feel about spitting toothpaste on fish

Another example of a built-in fish tank – the lighting is what makes this pop

This image is of The Maldives … can I go there right now? Please!

No shortage of dramatic and odd ways to keep fish as pets. Here’s Caillou’s current home. It’s still a little drab but she seems happy.

Anyone else have a fish?

images via moi and here

Wall Wow

I love the look of natural stone. I love the variation in shape and colour. I love it on walls. We have slate in a few places in our house. Here’s a peek at our backsplash:

I am working on a project right now and we are putting a stone feature wall in the reception area. It is going to be stunning. A gorgeous slate grey – it has the right amount of texture to add warmth yet formal enough for a business reception area.

I will share some pictures when it is done but in the meantime thought I’d take a look at what other feature walls are out there. Wood walls, stone walls … all are stunning.

The mix of colours in the stone wall and textured surface breaks up the smooth counters and floors.

I love the exposed brick in this bedroom … makes me want to crawl into bed with a book.

The mix of stone, wood and steel beams in this reception area adds drama and an earthy element.

How cool is this grouping of logs?

Although it might be art … the use of the circular shape is repeated in the tables and contrasted with the sharp lines in the seating.

Not sure I am a huge fan of the proportions of the stone wall to the fireplace but it does create a warm setting for relaxing.

An example of how adding a stone wall can break up the space and add some zoom to bleh.

Maybe I will figure out how to incorporate these walls into another space. Any takers?

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