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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

It’s been pouring rain here. I heard a great line from a friend today that went something like this: Start humming “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” but instead sing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Vancouver!”.

No snow. No cold. Just rain and grey. Being Canadian and all I kinda prefer that white stuff. Well, really only around Christmas – then it can take a hike and warmer weather can return. But for now … I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.

So today, enjoy some winter white prettiness.

I love the romantic side of winter and these images capture that feeling.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?


images via here


A little Christmas sparkle at home

Last week I mentioned that I was woefully behind at pulling my front planter together.

The thing about putting together a winter planter during the second week in December is that it is slim pickings at garden centres, grocery stores and corner stores. However, there are deals to be had! I got everything for my planter half price.

So … my front porch planter has gone from this …

To this!

It’s not a stretch to say it’s an improvement! I bought the greenery for $15 at Longo’s, added pinecones I already had and spent another $10 on additional twigs and berries. Et voila. A presentable front planter!

I’ve also sprinkled the rest of the house with Christmas sparkle … come on in and take a peek.

I hope your weekend is filled with Christmas cheer. We have a few parties on this weekend. What are you up to?

all images via moi

Windows: Bringing the outside in

Windows are one of the most prominent features on homes. The style, size and placement can make or break the design of a home.

They add visual interest. The repetition creates movement as your eye moves across the facade.

Bust most importantly, when looking from the inside out …. windows allow us to experience our surroundings. Even if we aren’t directly standing in them.

Any house I ever live in will be a light filled space. It will bring the outdoors in.

Here are a few that caught my fancy this morning …







Are you as obsessed with windows as I am?


Photography that inspires me

The walls in our home are in need of a little oomph. Part of the reason for this is my paralysis when it comes to hammering holes to hang pictures. Yes, neurotic, I know but I have a thing about putting holes in the walls (likely because it’s about repairing them when I want to make a change!).

I’ve always loved original art and, in particular, photography. I’ve been looking around lately and thought I’d share with you some of the pieces that I’ve come across.

The following five pieces are by Toronto photographer, Steven Crainford. I love the bold pops of colour. Take a minute to check out his portfolio – it was hard to pick just a few!

I’m also struck by the sensuality of these images.



And intimacy of these images.



I am also considering photos of destinations I’d like to travel to … but that’s for another post.

What would you choose? What type of photography are you drawn to?

Winter Planter … I Need One Baaaaad

I’ve been running like a bit of a crazy lady lately. I’ve had a couple of big projects wrap up this week though so am hoping to turn my attention back to our house in the next few weeks.

It’s December 9th and I still have this pathetic planter on our front porch. It’s such a sad, dead thing. Looked so pretty mere weeks ago. It’s also glaringly out of season and drives me nuts to look at everytime I pull into our driveway.

via moi (can’t believe I’m claiming credit for this excuse of a winter planter)


I was at a party last weekend and loved the planters my friend had put together (would have been good if I’d taken a picture to show you too but it wasn’t happening at midnight!).

So, I’d thought I would see what’s out there in hopes of some inspiration to get off my butt and do something about it this weekend!

I love the look of boxwood plants. So clean and simple looking.


A festive planter can be changed up post-Christmas season.


I love this dramatic planter. Such presence and sets the tone for your home.


A fun way to incorporate a holiday message.


I love what Sarah Richardson did with her home in one of her holiday specials. The tea lights on the log pile are perfect!


I’m on a mission to put together a winter planter that I can be proud of this weekend. Wish me luck!

Have you done your winter planters?

Aspen Ski Home Anyone?

Winter is upon us … well sort of. It’s grey outside, the days are super short and I’ve been in a majorola funk. So I figure if you can’t beat winter why not join it?

The latest issue of Architectural Digest features a stunning home in Aspen, Colorado. I was drawn to the light-filled space, the bleached spruce logs and the contemporary finishings on the inside. The client wanted no antlers and no Navajo rugs which I identified with – that would be my criteria in designing a ski home!

Check it out:

The simple clean lines and uncluttered furnishings evoke a sense of calm and allow the beauty of the surrounding environment to shine through. I can picture a large family having some wonderful times together in this home.

Sadly, the ski home is a future dream for now. My weekends are currently spent inhaling fine aromas (read: stinky hockey equipment) and admiring black art (of puck marks) at my local hockey arena.

Where do you spend your ski weekends?


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