Welcome 2012

New Year. New Look. Same great blog.

Welcome to the “ReDesigned” ReDesigning Sarah. I’ve been blogging now for seven months and decided that the start of 2012 would be a fitting time to mix things up a little. I’ve gone with a monochromatic palette and kept things simple to let the images speak for themselves. What do you think?

It’s been a whirlwind holiday of family gatherings, a hockey tournament and visiting with friends. I cooked a turkey (my second ever!), my oldest boys won their hockey tournament and we rang in the New Year with friends and all the kids made it to midnight!

Hockey Champs!!


In the past I’ve been cruddy about sticking to New Year’s resolutions. For example, last year I started a project to take one photo every day for the year. I lasted the month of January. In years past I’ve joined gyms and never went, said I was going to cook more but never really did and so on.

This year I’m taking a different approach. Instead of starting something new I am resolving to keep doing things that I started late in 2011 that are working well. Things that make a difference and things that make me a better person, wife and mom.

1. Focus on one thing at a time: I can be really scattered and find my mind wandering constantly. I’ve found by concentrating on one activity at a time instead of trying to multi-task it actually makes me more efficient. This is something I plan to keep doing in 2012.

2. Read before bed: Too often I flop into bed and I don’t give my mind time to unwind. There was a stretch when I didn’t finish one book between August and November! Very unusual for me. That is going to improve in 2012.

3. Continue Exercising: I’m a morning exerciser. If it doesn’t happen early in the day it won’t happen. Up until the Christmas break I had been pretty good about hitting the bike at 6am – this will continue in 2012.

4. Use my indoor voice: Translation – yell less. I’m getting better but there is always room for improvement.

5. Smile: Act how I want to feel and I will start feeling that way. It works I swear. I’m gonna keep doing that in 2012.

So there you have it – I’ve said it out loud so it must be real. I will let you know how it all works out.

Have you resolved to keep doing something that works for you this year?


About Sarah

Sarah is constantly ReDesigning things. From ReDesigning spaces for others or ReDesigning herself from corporate operations whiz into interior decorator and blogger – it’s all about ReDesign.

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  1. Here’s mine: make every second count with my toddler and husband as time’s swishing by with every blink.

  2. Indoor voice, love it!
    My resolution, put some love into my house….18 months in start to make it mine….gonna need some of your help!

    xo D

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