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Window Love: My Home Office

My home office is on the third floor of our house. I’ve mentioned before that I need to work on finishing the space but once I got the floor plan in place and the office organized finishing the space got put on the back burner.

Well, I’ve picked it back up again and am so excited to share with you the window seat I’ve created.

It all started with this antique buggy bench that was a wedding gift …

In our old house it fit perfectly in our front hall. Since we moved, we had been struggling to find a use for it. Then, gasp, we realized it was the perfect size to fit into the dormer window in my home office. Except it was a little too tall for the window.

So, we took the top part of the buggy seat off. Et voila! A perfect fit.

Next up was having a seat cushion made and to dress the window. I’ve gone with a blue colour scheme (once the space is painted I will share it with you!). Keeping it feminine with the pattern but masculine with the colour (since I am waaaaay out numbered in my house!).

Tonic Living made the seat cushion and Roman blind and I am beyond thrilled with the results.

Tonic Living has kindly offered my readers a 10% discount from now until April 1st. No minimum purchase is required – just use the coupon code REDESIGNING when making your purchase. Check out their fabrics and custom sewing – so many beautiful things and very reasonable prices.

My newly dressed window area makes me smile every time I look at it. Look forward to finishing the rest of the space!


A Church Reinvented

I was catching up on some blog reading this past weekend and came across this church featured recently on Desire to Inspire.

Somehow it seems fitting as we mark the first Sunday in Lent to share this space with you.

Mowbraytown Presbyterian Church, in East Brisbane, Australia was originally erected in late 1885 on land donated by Williamina Mowbray, widow of the ‘father’ of Presbyterianism in Queensland, Rev. Thomas Mowbray.

Base Architecture, reimagined the building creating a contemporary office space that respected the history of the original building for their client, an engineering consulting firm.

They created an open concept office space retaining the original wood beams as well as the organ which was incorporated as a central feature.

I just love the stained glass windows in the conference room.

The clean lines of the furniture, glass walls and pops of red against the bright white and darker blacks all work together to create a contemporary, open concept work space.

And yet, the lines of the ceiling, the pulpit and organ all pay homage to the heritage of the building.

I love that the pulpit has been kept intact.

This is what the organ looked like before the renovation:


And now, a peek at the organ through the new space.

I could see myself working in an environment like this. You?

all images via Base Architecture unless otherwise noted

Kitchen Backsplash: Classic with a Twist

I’ve got a kitchen on the brain right now.

Cabinets are a classic shaker style in white. Similar profile to this:


With a quartz counter in a grey … kind of like this:

Moving on to backsplash. My client wants timeless with a twist. Think classic white subway tile but stacked in an unexpected way or a uniquely shaped white tile. I’ve got a few options and thought I’d share what I am thinking about. When you look at the pictures look at the shape of the tile not the colour.

(excuse the iPhone pics – the colour is all whack – but you will get a flavour of the tile I’m looking at)

I’m leaning towards the last option – really like the texture and varied shape of a simple white ceramic tile.

What do you think?

See What Sarah Sees: Snow!

It’s been a mild winter with very little snow. Which, for the most part, I’m okay with.

However, my kids have been dying for snow. There has been a dusting here and there and they run outside like madmen and shovel the heck out of everything. When we actually had “some” snow this past weekend I couldn’t help but be excited.

This edition of “See What Sarah Sees” is dedicated to my boys and the smiles on their faces this past Family Day long weekend while tobogganing and playing in the snow. Sarah Sees Snow!!

It had clouded over when we went tobogganing but the sun was out most of the weekend – my backyard was bathed in sunshine and snow hanging off the trees … check it out!

And, finally … I saw a beautiful rose … on Valentine’s Day!

What did you see this week? Did you see snow too?

Feature Home: Living in Harmony with Nature

I recently came across this home featured in Architizer and spent a fair amount of time drooling over both the home and then architect Tim Stewart’s portolio.

This home is located in Queensland, Australia and the land was originally developed into a small orchard. The owners are retiring and took the opportunity to build a new home that is reflective of their lifestyle. The home has been designed so that the garden and broader property are always visible no matter where you are inside.

I was drawn to the wide open spaces in the home, the almost 360 views of nature and the integration of natural elements such as wood timbers combined with white cabinetry and sleek quartz counters. The interior blends seamlessly with the exterior and lets the beauty of the environment stand out.

What do you think? Could you live here?

all images from here

Al Fresco Living: Which do you prefer?



I’d choose the second setting but either would be pretty great if you ask me. Which do you prefer?

See What Sarah Sees

I am constantly taking pictures both on my iPhone and my big camera. So … I thought I’d share with you some of what I see in my daily travels.

Today I am launching a semi-regular series called “See What Sarah Sees”. It might be a series of photos from a store, or of buildings I’ve seen on a walk or just a collection of pretty things I saw in my daily travels.

I hope you will enjoy.


This week I was in Homesense purchasing some small accessories for a client. Homesense is starting to put out their Easter decorations – my favourite season to decorate with! Lots of hints of Spring with bright florals and wee eggs.

Homesense is showing fair amount of French inspired linen upholstered furnishings. I must admit, I was never a huge fan of this trend when it first appeared. But it’s still around and if it’s your thing there is lots at Homesense.

I’m loving these “vintage” planes and cars. These are the types of finds that turn up in in antique stores and while I’d prefer the original version these replicas are great looking and an excellent way to accessorize a space. My youngest has his heart set on the airplane.

Homesense is always a good destination for cheap and cheerful ceramics and glassware. This week I was loving the blues and whites with a dash of chinoissiere thrown in for good measure.

I think I must have itchy feet right now because I am obsessed with maps and globes. I keep dreaming of where I am going to travel next. My kids have maps of Canada and the world in each of their rooms and we look at their interactive globe almost every night. So it’s no surprise that I was immediately drawn to the globes. Check ’em out:

I might have ended up with a few globes on my way out (I am physically incapable of not spending any money at Homesense).

And finally, a good reminder that I saw in the stationery section:

Thanks for taking a walk with me and “Seeing What I See”. What have you seen lately?

A Country Home I’d Like: Rustic & Modern

Psst … ReDesigning Sarah got ReDesigned

I mentioned last week that I had a new logo … well … it’s now live on the site!

So … now I’m doing my little happy dance and jumping around like a crazy girl.


That’s not really me in the picture. Just in case you were confused.

Laundry Room – Hang it where? Iron what?

The laundry room is one space that gets a used all the time (in my house especially with a toilet training 3 year old).


Today I’m thinking about some of the ways to make a laundry room functional. How do you do your laundry? Does everything go in the dryer? Or do you hang some things? Do you iron a lot? How are your clothes sorted? Do you store anything in your laundry room (paper products, linens for example?).


I am working with a client right now on her laundry room area. We’ve moved the washer & dryer around which allowed a dedicated area for drying racks and a fold up ironing board. She line dries a lot of her clothes and also wanted a dedicated area for her ironing board.

Here are a few ideas of how you can line dry your clothes in your laundry room:






Or, if you’d rather use hangers:


A waterfall hanger is a space saver for shallow closets but works for hanging clothes in a laundry area too.


Check out this vintage ladder re-purposed and hung in a laundry room.


I guess there is always line drying … love the smell of fresh sheets dried on the line!


What about your ironing board? Where do you store it?

This laundry room has one of the ironing boards that are commonly available where you hang it on the wall when it is not in use.


There are also options available to wall mount your ironing board and store your iron beside it.



Hopefully that gives you some ideas on different ways of hanging your wash and storing your iron!


What do you like the best about your laundry room?