A Church Reinvented

I was catching up on some blog reading this past weekend and came across this church featured recently on Desire to Inspire.

Somehow it seems fitting as we mark the first Sunday in Lent to share this space with you.

Mowbraytown Presbyterian Church, in East Brisbane, Australia was originally erected in late 1885 on land donated by Williamina Mowbray, widow of the ‘father’ of Presbyterianism in Queensland, Rev. Thomas Mowbray.

Base Architecture, reimagined the building creating a contemporary office space that respected the history of the original building for their client, an engineering consulting firm.

They created an open concept office space retaining the original wood beams as well as the organ which was incorporated as a central feature.

I just love the stained glass windows in the conference room.

The clean lines of the furniture, glass walls and pops of red against the bright white and darker blacks all work together to create a contemporary, open concept work space.

And yet, the lines of the ceiling, the pulpit and organ all pay homage to the heritage of the building.

I love that the pulpit has been kept intact.

This is what the organ looked like before the renovation:


And now, a peek at the organ through the new space.

I could see myself working in an environment like this. You?

all images via Base Architecture unless otherwise noted


About Sarah

Sarah is constantly ReDesigning things. From ReDesigning spaces for others or ReDesigning herself from corporate operations whiz into interior decorator and blogger – it’s all about ReDesign.

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  1. Great indeed, but open offices are not to them, who have to do the meticulous work with money. Just think if someone would calculate Your salary wrong when there are interferences on all sides. I have been working in open office and many ideas “went with wind” due to interferences.

  2. All I can think of is how much that renovation would cost.

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