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Designer Feature: Amber Interiors

Today I thought I’d share with you snippets of the stunning portfolio of Amber Interiors led by designer Amber Lewis.

I love her use of pattern and texture. She brilliantly mixes modern and vintage elements together and uses colour to create a warm, inviting space. I’m pretty sure I’d like to curl up on the sectional bench featured above. You can check out the rest of her portfolio by clicking here.

What do you think about using pattern, texture and colour in your space?

all images via Amber Interiors.


See What Sarah Sees: Spring At Home

I love decorating for Spring and Easter. The fresh, happy colours are a welcome change from winter. And, it’s a sign that long, warm sunny days are right around the corner.

For this installment of “See What Sarah Sees” I thought I’d take you on a tour to see some of Spring in my house.

Bunny Rabbits … these guys have been with me for years and I giggle every time I put them out.

Eggs … Nothing says Easter and Spring like eggs. There is huge variation of colours, shapes and sizes –  here are a few that I have put out around my house.

Flowers … I love flowers. I have fresh flowers in the house all the time – every week a new batch! Tulips are my favourite but as long as it is a colourful bouquet I’m smiling.

Do you see Spring in your house?

all images via moi

A Workspace That Inspires

Today I think I’d like to work here ….

I love the open feel of the space and the abundance of natural light.

The mix of wood, metals and the texture of the area rug combine to create an industrial yet very natural mood in the space. The pendant lighting over the workspace makes a statement while the recessed fluorescent lighting provides ample general light.

For today, this is where I’d like to work. What about you?

images from Jute Interior Design

Herringbone, Herringbone

Herringbone is popular these days. From outdoor patios and walkways, to hardwood floors to tiles in a bathroom or kitchen. It’s everywhere and it’s gorgeous!

Herringbone is a classic way to add visual interest through pattern. It’s creates a sense of movement for the eye.

This patio seems bigger than it really is with a herringbone pattern.


Check out these gorgeous herringbone hardwood floors. They create a linear quality that really moves the eye through the room.





Tile in bathrooms or kitchens are just asking for a herringbone pattern. Be it for the floor, backsplash or shower area it just adds that extra wow element.

Here is, Style at Home’s Erin McLaughlin’s kitchen backsplash.


A Tommy Smythe designed kitchen featured in House & Home.


A herringbone pattern can take a simple tile and a monochromatic colour scheme and add that extra little bit of Zip.




And, finally, since it is moving into patio season … this just teases me and makes me want to run outside!

via from here

Do you like Herringbone patterns?

Blue Living Rooms: Which would you choose?

I’ve got two very different living rooms for you this morning …

This Kirsten Kelli living room uses a fabulous mix of bold patterns to pull the space together. The space is lively, yet comfortable. I am also loving the windows and ceiling detail in this space.


Or, this Tobi Fairley designed space – calm, serene, clean lines. Very quiet on the eye.


I love both spaces but love the use of pattern in the first one.

Which would you choose?


See What Sarah Sees: A Desert!

My husband and I were very lucky to take a mini-vacation this past weekend. Lucky because we had an awesome place to go to in Arizona and lucky because we had two sets of awesome grandparents to look after our kids!

I love Arizona. I love the dry air, the clear blue skies and the active lifestyle.

Here is the view we wake up to every morning ….

The desert is just starting to bloom and the colours stood bright against the muted backdrop of the mountains.

I was fascinated by the building structures. All the homes blend naturally into the landscape – low profile, muted colours that disappear into the desert sand and many are oriented in such a way that they protect the house from the blazing heat of the sun. Did you know Arizona has sun 360 out of 365 days a year?!

The hiking was fabulous. Didn’t see any wildlife but climbed some wicked hills, manged to avoid sliding into a cactus (which I have done before no joke) and got our butts in gear to shape up with Spring right around the corner!

Brad loves it when I make him do dorky things for the camera – this is his “cactus” pose

Me at the halfway point (aka red face) – focus on the view behind me!

Now we are back and refreshed! Well, mostly. When do we get to go back?

What did you see? Anyone see a desert last weekend?

A Farmhouse in Tuscany

I watched the end of “Under The Tuscan Sun” a few weeks ago and it has had me dreaming of Italy ever since.

I came across a real estate listing for a farmhouse in Tuscany when I was cruising through Architectural Digest. I just love the use of natural materials and bright colourful stucco.

The home is currently owned by Tricia Guild, founder of British textile and furnishing company Designers Guild and her husband Richard Polo, a restaurateur. Check it out:

It’s a four bedroom home and I can just feel the fresh country air coming through the windows.

The gardens are stunning and the pool has been inlaid with green shaded mosaic tiles.

It’s still available for sale for a cool 2.5 million Euros. Any takers?

All images via here


Space for Kids

Check out these super cute kids rooms I came across …

I love the colour scheme and use of natural materials – very subtle and calming. Look at all the storage at little people height including the orange chairs!


This space is so bright and cheery with windows on one side and a chalkboard wall on the other. I wonder if it’s used for homeschooling? Hopefully lessons in design with those funky green Eames chair as inspiration.


Wouldn’t these spaces be perfect for a family home in the country?