A Little Stool Re-Tool

Part of me wanted to title this post “The Saga of the Stool” but I’m very pleased with the results. When we purchased two black leather cube ottomans from Home Sav back in the Fall it wasn’t supposed to take five months before we could actually use them in our family room!

To keep a long story shot when you let a seven year old boy attempt to open a shipping box with an exacto knife there is a decent likelihood that part of the leather will get sliced. (Disclosure: my husband was helping him so I’m not entirely sure who actually cut the leather but there was adult supervision – we don’t let our kids wield exacto knives I assure you!)

Here’s the evidence. I’m sure the neighbours could hear my screaming – it wasn’t pretty.

I knew we had to do something to make the ottomans functional. I wanted a little va-voom, a little something that would make me smile but needed something insanely durable (see story above about enthusiastic seven year old and multiply by three).

I found this faux ostrich leather from Maxwell fabrics …

And had the tops of both stools reupholstered complete with a nailhead trim detail around the base.

Et voila!

I’m liking my new custom ottomans in our family room.

Do you have any ottomans that are in need of a little zing?


About Sarah

Sarah is constantly ReDesigning things. From ReDesigning spaces for others or ReDesigning herself from corporate operations whiz into interior decorator and blogger – it’s all about ReDesign.

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  1. I am thinking the exacto knife incident may have been one of those happy accidents in life. I love the final outcome of the reupolstering! Funny how things turn out…..

    Lots of things in my house need a little “zing” right now. Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. Love how they turned out! so much more personal and interesting.

  3. What a creative solution, Sarah!

    Unbelievable results to an ingenious idea! It just proves that a little bit of resourcefulness can go a long way.

    Now you have “designer recovered” stools that are truly unique. Plus,you give hope to every mother of busy little boys, that you can create elegance out of seeming disaster!


  4. Those look fantastic! I think even better than the original. The ostrich is awesome and you know I love a little re-upholstery project!

  5. Well done! Those ottomans look better and are more impressive than straight out of the box!

  6. Nichol Design

    What an interesting way to mix fabrics and the nail heads finish it perfectly!

  7. HI there got to your blog from “recreated”. I love the ostrich !! I come from South Africa but now live in New Zealand so think I will look at doing this to bring some classy bit of Africa into my home …. stunning ideas you have. Will post a link to yours from mine as well. Lovely stuff really.

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