Monday Morning Office Space

via Anne Coyle

There is something about this organzied, bright space that makes me excited to start the week.

What do you have planned for this week?


About Sarah

Sarah is constantly ReDesigning things. From ReDesigning spaces for others or ReDesigning herself from corporate operations whiz into interior decorator and blogger – it’s all about ReDesign.

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  1. What a terrific bright work space!
    But what about those not so bright spots, like furnace or laundry rooms?
    That’s my organizing job this week. Any ideas?
    Keep up the great work, Sarah.
    I LOVE your blog- your creativity, your candor and especially your sense of humour!

  2. beautiful pictures you provide. and good motivation to keep trucking on my office πŸ™‚ we are doing a chalkboard and struggling with colour of frame …. office is cream based, honey wood floors with some (movable) turquoise accents. we tried a really bright coral orange but it was a bit too much. any suggestions, perhaps a bit softer?

  3. i love the new look of the site btw πŸ™‚

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