Mother’s Day (psst … it’s all about the flowers)

I love flowers. Love, love, love fresh cut flowers in the house and it’s a rare moment when there aren’t any in mine.

Tulips are one of my favs kind of like these:

A mixed bouquet of beauty that a dear friend brought to me yesterday is currently brightening my dining room table.

So … in case you were wondering what to get all your special Mom’s for Mother’s Day … the best, most winning option is always a fresh bouquet of flowers.

My own Mom is never without fresh flowers in her house and on her table. Fresh flowers are one of the many things we have in common. My husband jokes that Mum and I think with the same brain sometimes. Her only downfall is that she likes stinky lilies 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to my own Mom, my mother-in-law and my dear grandmother and of course, all the other fabulous mothers out there!

Have you bought flowers yet for all the special Mums in your life?


About Sarah

Sarah is constantly ReDesigning things. From ReDesigning spaces for others or ReDesigning herself from corporate operations whiz into interior decorator and blogger – it’s all about ReDesign.

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