BlogPodium, PARA Paints et moi

I am super excited to be attending BlogPodium this coming weekend. One of the sponsors of the event, PARA Paints is running a contest to be part of their “Blog Crew”. Open to attendees of BlogPodium, the winners get free paint and a stipend towards supplies for their projects. And, do I have some projects!

I was first introduced to PARA Paints last year by one of my instructors at Seneca who required that we spec PARA colours for our final project. It was a great initial opportunity to dive into the colours of a paint company I hadn’t used before. I particularly like that it has Canadian roots!

I’ve got a few spaces and things around my home that need some paint love and I thought I’d share these with you today. Don’t judge … they are in their very RAW form and ain’t pretty. Projects can periodically have long completion rates around here but I’ve been on a roll lately and am motivated to keep painting … so without further delay here they are:

The first two projects are inspired by grey siding, white trim and a yellow door … kinda like this:

via Houzz

Project #1: Our Back Shed

It’s currently a lovely shade of green and plywood (yes, plywood is a colour in my books). Instead of replacing the shed last year we had it reshingled and refaced portions of it.

See that bit of grey paint slapped on the green … well … I got a little slap happy with some random grey sample and then the weather got too cold to paint the exterior. We have been “admiring” it from our family room all winter. A-hem … not really.

I want to paint the shed a slightly darker grey than the siding on the addition at the back of our house.”Straight Goods” would work very well. It is a fairly “pure” grey meaning derived from a mix of black and white with no undertones of another colour in it. It is not too dominating or darker either.

Project #2: Exterior Doors

I love yellow and I’d love nothing more to have our doors splashed with a coat of yellow paint. It would look amazing next to the red brick on our front door and the grey siding on the doors to our mudroom and shed.

For this I’m thinking about “Sunflowers”. It is the right mix of a pop of colour for the door without being too bright.

Moving indoors …

Project #3: My office walls

A while back, I posted about the new bench seat and blinds I had made for my office … well … I still haven’t painted the walls yet!

I want the space to feel light, like I’m working covered by a pale blue sky. Kind of like the walls in this living room:

via Houzz

For this space I’d love to use “Skydiving” or “Clouded In”. “Clouded In” is the likely winner as it is more of a white with blue undertones but I would paint some larger samples first to test the colours before starting to paint the entire space.

I’ve got other ideas too but that’s just a taste of what is at the top of my list. So … PARA Paints … pick me pretty please! I wield a mean paint brush!!

What are you inspired to paint right now?


About Sarah

Sarah is constantly ReDesigning things. From ReDesigning spaces for others or ReDesigning herself from corporate operations whiz into interior decorator and blogger – it’s all about ReDesign.

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  1. Love your colour choices, Sarah. The yellow against the gray will really “pop”!!

    Also, your office window treatment is lovely.
    You can never have too much blue in a house for me!
    I find it very calming, like being near water.

  2. I love that bench and the blue … very tranquil especially if it’s in your office. It’s got a zen type quality about it. Also love that wooden paneling above the fire place in that pic you posted. I’m not a big fan of grey BUT I think it will work a treat on the shed! Please post pic once its done.

  3. Nichol Design

    It is so much fun playing with paint colors and completing projects yourself isn’t it? Years ago I painted the front door red but now it is faided and it never was as bright as I wanted. Maybe I’ll check out para exterior and see if they have a bright lipstick or cherry red? There is a canopy over the door so the door is always in the shade. The color just does not stand out.
    We shall see………

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