I am a True Colour Expert!

I spent three days last week participating in the “True Colour Expert Workshop” with international colour consultant Maria Killam.

I took the course to ground what I intuitively knew about colour and to learn additional tools and language to better communicate with clients. And boy o boy … am I now armed with tons of ideas and tools in my decorator toolbox!

We explored the world of undertones. We talked about creating flow in your space. We talked about effective colour consultations for interior and exterior spaces. Maria put on a workshop that was a mix of lecture, hands on learning and interacting with a roomful of other decorators to share ideas and experiences.

I’ve got more for you in the weeks to come but to get you started here are three key things to know about colour in your space:

Colour can make carpet look dirty, furniture look lifeless and can make a space blah and bland. The right colour combination can turn a space from just okay to fantastic.


Compare compare compare! Colour is relative to other colour. You can never say something is “too bright a yellow” unless you see in the context of other yellows.


In many cases you can’t change the fixed elements in a space such as green tile or bossy granite counters. However, through effective us of colour you can choose to embrace or figure out a way to ignore these elements.


In addition to learning Maria’s system for distinguishing undertones and comparing colour I met a wonderful group of decorators from all around Canada and the United States including Hawaii!


Maria & I

I am seeing colour in a whole new way now. I’ve been stalking exteriors all weekend and am quickly analyzing what is working and what’s not with houses in my neighbourhood.

Watch out … I might stalk you next!


About Sarah

Sarah is constantly ReDesigning things. From ReDesigning spaces for others or ReDesigning herself from corporate operations whiz into interior decorator and blogger – it’s all about ReDesign.

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  1. Sounds like a great workshop.

  2. Great post Sarah! So nice to meet you, I look forward to getting together in the future and chatting about all things interior design and lots of blog talk.

  3. Thanks for the fabulous review Sarah! x maria

  4. Nichol Design

    Funny I just LOVE the pale blue room and yet I have never been a blue person. It just goes to show in the right space any color can work! Keep up the good work!

  5. Paula Van Hoogen

    Hey, Sarah, THIS is so much fun! I get toread your posts and know who you are too!! Really good job on the post! Thanks for sending it to me. I wasn’t a blue person either til recently. I think as we change our color preferences tend to follow.

  6. What a tremendous opportunity for you to meet new pals and network with like – minded decorators!
    I ‘ll bet you had a riot.
    You need to do a future discussion and the relationship between colour and wine!!!

    Seriously, I LOVED the blue room. It is such a soothing, peaceful colour, just the kind of room I would gravitate to for rest and relaxation.

    Is this motivating you to change any of the colors in your home?
    Do you believe that there is any correlation between colour of their space and behaviour patterns in children? Interesting to think about.

    Have you done a post on nurseries or children’s bedrooms?

    Very interesting post, Sarah. Thanks!

  7. What an awesome opportunity! Maria is a local here so I have had the pleasure of hanging out with her at various social events! I am slowly understanding undertones, etc! Lucky you, to come away with useful tools!

  8. I am having the hardest time picking a color to paint my front door. I have pinkish used brick, and the trim around the windows is a light tanish beige. My door has had primer on for 2 years! Help please!

    • Thanks for your comment! I would go with a colour or black for your front door – you need to get the primer off it! And, a door is easy to change too 🙂

  9. Sarah, so nice to meet you! I had such a wonderful time meeting everyone and learning at the workshop. I look forward to keeping in touch! Jennifer

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