In the Bedroom: What goes above the bed?

We all know what goes under your head when you sleep … a pillow in case you are slow on the uptake.

But what goes above your bed? You know, that wall above you? Today I thought I’d share with you some inspiration to finish off your boudoir. Before I get to the pretty here are two key things to remember …

Scale: Make sure that whatever you hang above your bed is in proportion to the size of your bed, ceiling height and the size of the room. Teeny pictures look like accidents. Lots of teeny pictures grouped together do not. In the picture below the mirror either needs to be bigger or have a mate added.

Balance: Please, please, whatever you do make sure that your pictures or feature item are centered appropriately. And, if they are not centered make sure they are balanced on each side. Sounds simple but you wouldn’t believe how many times things look slightly off kilter.

I might have added something more over the bed in the above picture but I want to you to look at the vertical placement of the art to the left of the bed that balances out the window placement.

Now! With all that out of the way … a little pretty to inspire you today …

What do the walls behind your bed look like?


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About Sarah

Sarah is constantly ReDesigning things. From ReDesigning spaces for others or ReDesigning herself from corporate operations whiz into interior decorator and blogger – it’s all about ReDesign.

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  1. I have nothing currently but I might be putting some antlers up there soon!

  2. Hey Sarah, good advice! We currently have nothing over the bed as I took down the picture I had and placed it in the basement. Now I want to make this an excuse to buy some more art and totally re-do the bedroom. Oh how we love change!!

  3. Gorgeous ideas and great advice… I just bought an old boat transom (end piece) on Ebay to go above our bed, covered in peeling paint and verdigris nails – it looks awesome but I’m just praying the fixings hold as it’s alarmingly heavy…

  4. I love how you put all these pictures together on a theme! Saves a lot of tearing pages for us! I chuckled when I saw your topic since I just did up my bed! I don’t have a headboard yet, and I’m unsure how I want to finish my room. 4 poster? Upholstered bed? Remember our conversation? Anyways, when walking around Ikea, Mom & I saw a bed with a curtain rod and rings mounted half way up the wall holding two giant multi-coloured cushions. Voila! I bought a white rod & rings, mounted them to the top of my ceiling the same height as my window curtains. I was looking through my fabric, curtains, and ended up finding a duvet cover that I made years ago! It is shimmery, has great texture, and totally coordinates with my new bedding. I found 2 glass finials from another broken rod and put them on the rod, making them fit with the electrical tape wrap trick. Instant “headboard” and focal point. I’ll email you a pic since you can’t upload pix here. Great blog Sarah!! 🙂

  5. I used to have an African hand printed cloth over the bed but became tired and simply removed it. I do need a beautiful piece of art. Maybe I will find something up north in one of the antique stores we visit! Wish me luck!!!!

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