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A Home Filled With LEGO

Check out this cool apartment in New York City that I came across earlier this month on Design Milk.

The homeowners, with the help of I-Beam Design and licensed LEGO artist Sean Kenney, have incorporated 20,000 LEGO bricks into the railings in their child’s room.

The entire loft space is a white palette with pops of primary colours throughout the space. I love the bright, playful feel of the space.

How cool would it be to have LEGO bricks built into your home?


images 1 – 7 via Design Milk, image 8 via I-Beam Design


Summertime: Cottaging on a Beach

Summertime is super short here in Canada and where I live in Southern Ontario cottaging is a big thing to do. (You might know what I call a cottage as a “summer home” or a “camp”). I grew up cottaging on a smallish lake where you have a dock, you don’t necessarily see your neighbours and you are serenaded to sleep at night by loons. It’s a fantastic place to retreat and for my extended family to hang out together.

Recently I visited a cottage on Thunder Beach which is on the shores of Georgian Bay. What a contrast to the type of cottaging I’m used to! It’s like going to the beach beside an ocean except it’s all fresh water. The kids dug in the sand, they swam, we walked on the beach, walked to the corner store and even played at a little park.

The “cottages” are quite something. The Thunder Beach community has been around for five or six generations and gradually all the original beach cottages are being torn down and replaced with massive beach homes. Kinda like these ones ….

It’s really a matter of personal preference but I like that you don’t have all the creature comforts of home when at a cottage. Don’t get me wrong – cottages have gotta be clean and (for me) mouse-free but seriously … you don’t all need your own washrooms when cottaging – it isn’t a hotel!

This size of beach cottage is more my style …

I gotta say I could get used to the beach cottage. I love the proximity to the water, the beach walking and the community atmosphere. It’s so different than anything I have ever known.

What about you? Where do you spend your summer?

Summertime: Outdoor Art

One of the cool things about art is the varied forms it comes in. Traditional paintings, sculpture, live art … the list is endless. I came across these pictures of outdoor art installations on Architectural Digest and just had to share. These pieces seem larger than life. There are so many different perspectives to experience them from.

Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer

I remember following this story as this 340 ton granite boulder made a slow, at night, 105 mile journey to its place at the LACMA. I’d love to be able to walk around and under it like the visitors shown in the picture.

The Rainbow: Certain Principles of Light and Shapes Between Forms by Michael Jones McKean

All my life I have shouted “there’s a rainbow” when I see one just after a rain storm. In this piece Michael Jones McKean captures that emotion as he creates a rainbow twice a day using captured rainwater in Omaha, Nebraska.

Joana Vasconcelos Versailles

At first glance, this pieces looks like a tall, out-of-place structure situated on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. It is actually a 30 foot structure comprised of thousands of LED-lit champagne bottles. A nod to the extravagance of the reign of Marie Antoinette.

Doing Nothing Garden by Song Dong

I love the message to consider consumption and waste conveyed in this piece installed in Germany. It is a 23 foot high “mountain” made of garbage, topped with sod covered in neon Chinese characters that spell “Doing” and “Nothing”.

Color Jam by Jessica Stockholder

I love this lively piece in Chicago. How fun would it be to walk through that intersection every day!

How I Roll by Paola Pivi

This piece in New York City provides ongoing entertainment as a Piper Seneca is held in the air and rotates and flips steadily throughout the day. I wonder how loud it is?

Have you experienced any cool outdoor art installations in your neighbourhood this summer?

all images via Architectural Digest

Sarah 101: Season Two

The second season of Sarah 101 finished last week and I really enjoyed this season. Loved the spaces, loved the variety and found the design process that Sarah & Tommy went through insightful and entertaining.

There were two spaces in particular that resonated with me.

The first was a project was kitchen makeover in a gorgeous country home. The homeowner wanted a new kitchen but not a “country” kitchen. Sarah & Tommy incorporated rustic and vintage elements that respected the age and setting of the home by using reclaimed barnboards in the island and antique lanterns in the dining area. Yet, they gave the homeowners a functional kitchen with new cabinetry and gorgeous marble and quartz counters.

I really like the herringbone pattern that is in the layout of the barnboards and repeated in the white subway tile backsplash. To me this kitchen is welcoming, functional and packed with visual appeal.

via HGTV

The second space that I really liked was a living room and dining room space in a mid-century home that Sarah & Tommy created one cohesive look rather than the hodge podge of furniture that was there previously. The first thing they did was create dedicated areas within the open space. This included two lounge areas and a dining space. I love the colour scheme with the neutral backdrop and colourful ottoman.

via HGTV

There were fourteen episodes in all this season and I quite liked all the spaces. Today I shared two of them with you. You can check them out online at HGTV Canada.

Now, what am I going to watch on TV tonight between 8 and 9 pm?

Did you catch any of Sarah 101 Season 2? What did you think?

Elle Macpherson’s Cotswolds Home

Elle Macpherson’s Cotswolds home in the English countryside is set in the 650 acre development called “The Lakes by yoo”. Properties start at £900,000 and homeowners can design their home from a variety of finishes and styles to create a unique space that marries contemporary design with a country setting.

I like the natural elements, clean lines and expansive windows in her home.

There are a variety of activities in the development including sailing, fishing, canoeing and a spa.

What do you think? Could this be your second home?

images 1 – 8 via here, images 9, 10 via here

Summer Holidays

I know summer holidays are the best thing ever … or so I keep hearing from everyone. Truth be told, I’ve been a little anxious about the idea of the kids being out of school for summer. You see, I like routine, I like having a few hours kid-free during the day and I generally like the structure that the school year provides. When school is out I stress about how I am going to get things done for work and how to keep the kids occupied.

Instead of being anxious or complaining I decided to plan the summer to try to keep me sane! The kids are in a few camps, I’ve slowed my work schedule down (an advantage to being self-employed) and I’ve got a list of activities for us to do. I’m finding the household routine I crave by setting structure for the kids. They still have to make their beds and get dressed right after breakfast and each day they are keeping a daily journal. Getting the kids into the new routine seems to be working.

With that being said there is something magical about summer holidays. It’s a time to hang out and be silly, it’s a time to try new things and it’s a time to visit with friends. My kids are at a great age for doing things together in the summer – they still want to do things with me and they aren’t off at camp or working all summer yet.

Ever had a photoshoot doing shadow dancing? I have. You should try it sometime …

I had a reminder this morning of just how special this time is as I hairsprayed three mohawks for crazy hair day at the camp they are all attending this week. We were all giggling and laughing and taking turns spiking each other’s hair up.

We took a family holiday last week and spent time with friends and family up at cottages and shared special time in Ottawa just the five of us. As my Papa always like to say “These are the good times!”. Here are some pictures from our holiday.

What do you have planned for the summer?

Designer Feature: Moth Design

I came across the blog written by Erica Cook of Moth Design a few months ago. Erica is an interior designer, stylist and Sarah Richardson Design alumnae and has created a stunning home for herself and her five boys. Today I wanted to share it with you.

I love how she has created a neutral backdrop and changes things up through accessories to create a new look in the space.

Her closet is full of wonderful storage ideas and innovative ways to display all her pretty things. I love how organized it is – everything is accessible and there is no fear of losing things in the pit of a drawer.

She framed shopping bags she has collected – love the colour and the gallery!

Her kitchen is the hub of the house with massive counters, white cabinets straight to the ceiling and marble tile – there is even a nook that she created to hold essentials around the stove.

She has created vingettes of her favourite things around the house and artfully displays sentimental things.

I love her home office.

Being a Mom of three boys I love seeing how others create a space for their men.

And here she is with her boys!

I just love the bright, white, airy home she has created. Thank you Erica for sharing your home with us on your blog!

all images from Moth Design

Kids Play: A New Piece of Art

I am on a mission to lighten up our front room in our house. I love the wall colour (Benjamin Moore Davenport Tan), I love our couch but I wanted to inject some new colour in the space. It just felt too dark. More on what else I am going to do to change things up later but today I wanted to share with you a project I did with my boys … perhaps budding Picasso’s?

We took a giant canvas I had bought ages ago at HomeSense and made it uniquely ours!

First I painted over the bright colours.

Here they are all ready to paint!

Then I pulled out extra paint that I had lying around … and let the boys at it.

We dried it on the grass in the bright, hot sun …

And hung it up!

I love the lighter canvas and the fact that it is uniquely ours. We even signed the back! So simple and such a fun project for us to do.

What have you created with your kids lately?