Summertime: Cottaging on a Beach

Summertime is super short here in Canada and where I live in Southern Ontario cottaging is a big thing to do. (You might know what I call a cottage as a “summer home” or a “camp”). I grew up cottaging on a smallish lake where you have a dock, you don’t necessarily see your neighbours and you are serenaded to sleep at night by loons. It’s a fantastic place to retreat and for my extended family to hang out together.

Recently I visited a cottage on Thunder Beach which is on the shores of Georgian Bay. What a contrast to the type of cottaging I’m used to! It’s like going to the beach beside an ocean except it’s all fresh water. The kids dug in the sand, they swam, we walked on the beach, walked to the corner store and even played at a little park.

The “cottages” are quite something. The Thunder Beach community has been around for five or six generations and gradually all the original beach cottages are being torn down and replaced with massive beach homes. Kinda like these ones ….

It’s really a matter of personal preference but I like that you don’t have all the creature comforts of home when at a cottage. Don’t get me wrong – cottages have gotta be clean and (for me) mouse-free but seriously … you don’t all need your own washrooms when cottaging – it isn’t a hotel!

This size of beach cottage is more my style …

I gotta say I could get used to the beach cottage. I love the proximity to the water, the beach walking and the community atmosphere. It’s so different than anything I have ever known.

What about you? Where do you spend your summer?


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  1. I spent my summers at Thunder Beach as a kid! Oh, these photos brought back some many memories of that special place!

    We used to rent a cottage each summer at the Thunder Beach Homes. I think some of the cottages are still there, but some have been torn down and I don’t think they are available for rent anymore. So sad!

    These cottages were not fancy at all. But, for me, it was the people. And, the beach! The sand and shallow water? Amazing!

    I miss TB so much! I need to get up there again! Paradise!

    Did you go to the Friendly Corner store? It may not be called that anymore. But, back in the day, it was run by a Greek family and the food…..OMG! I ate there every day!

    Happy summer!

  2. Nichol Design

    As a kid we spent summers camping in PEI. When we visit Tobomory Georgian Bay reminds me a little of the ocean with its fishing boats and you can’t see the far shore. It’s a small vacation away! I’m with you I like small spaces on the beach to live rough and walk on the sand all day! What a DREAM life!

  3. I really like the idea of a back to basics cottage. It doesn’t have to be fancy for me, but a calm picturesque setting is a must.

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