Potty Talk: Wall Hung Toilets

Yes, I’m talking toilets today. Not exactly the prettiest thing in a bathroom to be sure but it is certainly the most functional and, well … you get the point!

I am working on a project right now where the architect specified a wall hung toilet for the powder room. It is the first time I have come across a wall hung toilet in a residential application so I thought I would share with you a little about wall hung toilets.


Wall hung toilets are a practical choice when space is an issue. They can save you anywhere from 7″ – 9″ inside the room as the tank is housed in the wall instead of sitting on the floor. The particular space I am working with is a powder room that has been created out of an otherwise dead space under the stairs.



In addition to the space saving advantages wall hung toilets can create a modern look to a bathroom.



Duravit carries wall hung toilets and Toto has a wall hung toilet as well.

Duravit Happy D

Toto Aquia

While wall hung toilets have a very practical application they do come with a higher price tag and are more labour intensive to install. There can also be challenges when plumbing repairs might be required as the tank is built into the wall and not always easily accessed.

Despite the disadvantages, wall hung toilets can make an otherwise ordinary bath fixture come to life.








What do you think? Do you have a wall hung toilet in your house?


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Sarah is constantly ReDesigning things. From ReDesigning spaces for others or ReDesigning herself from corporate operations whiz into interior decorator and blogger – it’s all about ReDesign.

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  1. While we don’t have a wall mounted toilet or sink…yet…we DO have a very small space in the basement just crying out for a wonderful compact powder room! I’m adding this to the “wish list”. Beautiful!

  2. I would love this in my small bathroom mostly because I could clean the floor underneath it. Our toilet has a lot of tank problems so I can’t imagine having to get into the wall every time there’s an issue. It’s something to think about for our next home!

  3. I definitely think a wall hung toilet is the way to go. I absolutely hate cleaning the floor behind the toilet because when you reach back there, your head is literally in the toilet. I also think that many American toilets have the ugly contours of the interior pipe showing which is a great dust collector. The other advantage though, one this blog didn’t mention is that wall hung toilets exit in the rear not the bottom, so for a second floor bath or basement this buys you some height for the plumping without raising the floor.

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