Kitchen Stools for a Busy Family

As in many homes our kitchen is the hub of the house. Our kitchen counter eating area in particular gets a ton of use. Unfortunately, our kitchen stools have seen better days. Basically they are falling apart. They are kinda crap – and that’s using my nice words!

So …. I’m on the hunt for new stools. They need to be durable (like, really durable). And they need to look good. Hubs isn’t convinced it is possible to find something that is both durable and looks good. I beg to differ.

eclectic kitchen stools

Kitchen Stools

I love the idea of mixing materials and textures. I want something more industrial but not too modern. And, nothing espresso coloured. Given the space it needs to be backless and tuck under the counter when not in use. And, I’d like it to have visual weight to it. Not bulky looking but not flimsy either. Check out some inspiration ….

windows, bar stools, kitchen island


Kitchen stools!

kitchen stools.

Disco kitchen, stools

Awesome kitchen stools!

Kitchen;  Bar Stools

Here are some options that mostly meet my criteria …

via 1, 2, artefac, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

So many choices! I am strongly leaning towards the last option. Although I like the second last option too.

Which would you choose??

all kitchen visuals via my Pinterest


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  1. I vote for the one with a leather seat as the cushion would be comfortable! I once bought stools that were tractor seats, very tippy!

  2. My choice would be the ones with the wood on top ( cedar?) and the metal frame. I think that is number 9 on your list. They look very sturdy, yet I love the look of the wood.

    Happy hunting!!!

    You always post such interesting blogs, Sass. Keep up the great work!!
    AF xo

  3. Of the 2 you are leaning toward, I like the second last best! And of the list I love the brass ones with the tiny backs the best! This is a great round up!

  4. Holy Moly, what a great round-up Sarah – this must be the definitive post on bar stool! I like the last one – it doesn’t take up as much space as the rest either – some of them have a pretty big footprint. 🙂

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