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Barn Doors … Fab or Fad? or both?

I was at a Hoedown recently (yes, you read that correctly) and got to thinking about bales of hay, horses, country music and … barns.

Barns? Really, Sarah, you are thinking … what does that have to do with design?

Well … I’ve seen a ton of barn doors in design mags and blogs recently.


One of the first barn doors I really liked was the one that Dana built in her house and chronicled on her blog House Tweaking.

A bold statement in a space for sure – barn doors add texture, visual interest and can have bright pops of colour, too.

Barn doors can be space savers. Think of them as modern-day pocket doors – except on the outside of the wall and in some cases using wood re-purposed from a real barn.

They certainly are everywhere! Makes me wonder how long the look will stick around.

That being said, I like the visual design element mixed with the practical.


The hardware adds an industrial feel and the panelling style of the doors can make a barn door look quite contemporary.


Or, a more traditional door …





Are barn doors a fad or are they fab(ulous) and will stick around for a while?

I’m on the Fab team … what about you?

images via here and here