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A Stylish Camera Bag – puhleeze!

Seriously. How much uglier and unstylish can your good ‘ol traditional camera bag get?

Functional, durable, bleh

I get that they serve a specific purpose but it just doesn’t work for me style-wise.

Anyone who has known me for any period of time knows that I love handbags. And lately, huge bags! They really do work hard for me though. Between carrying around my laptop, my decorators toolbox plus an assortment of kid-related crap the bag gets tested daily.

What I’ve struggled with though is how to carry my DSLR camera around in a way that is stylish and makes me happy when I look at the bag.

I had almost given up hope. But then I found …

The “Clover” bag from Epiphanie

Look at the inside – it holds camera, laptop, extra lens, charger, wallet, phone & keys!

Or, what about the “Paris” bag also from Epiphanie

Then there is Kelly Moore with the “Libby” Bag …

Or what about the “Hobo” bag again from Kelly Moore

If I was only carrying my SLR there are a ton more stylish options out there. But those are cute and petite. I am neither cute or petite and it is definitely reflected in my handbag preferences!

I am currently lugging around this tote bag from Jeanne Lottie but it doesn’t have any protection and only one spot to hold things so ends up being a black hole – but I love the sparkly gold!

I’m leaning towards the bag at the beginning of this post – the “Clover” by Epiphanie. What would you choose?

images via here, here and moi