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Anyone a fan of Entourage?

The current issue of Architectural Digest has a feature on the interiors of the sets and homes from the HBO series “Entourage“. Sadly, it is in its 8th and final season (sob). It is hilarious, brilliantly written and is blindingly full of people eye candy and the spaces they play in.

For those not in the know, Entourage follows the ups and downs of fictional Hollywood star Vincent Chase, his agent Ari Gold and his “entourage” Eric, Turtle and Drama.

What’s so cool about the sets and locations used in this show is how many different design styles are showcased and how each reflects a different part of the characters persona.

One of my favourites is Vince’s agent Ari Gold. Professionally, Ari is a bulldog. He gets what he wants at whatever cost. Backstabbing, lying, cheating are all in the mix. He walks around with two Blackberries, talks a mile a minute and swears more than a trucker (sorry to you truckers out there). The Miller Gold Agency is ultra modern, open concept and intimidating to the uninitiated.Check out the size of the marble floor tiles!

At home, Ari checks his ego at the door. Mrs. Ari is totally in charge on the home and it’s reflected in their home decor. Soft lighting, hardwood floors and overall traditional decor creates a cosy, warm vibe that is in sharp contrast to Ari’s office.

Vince spends a lot of time in movie studio offices and the sets for these scenes are built to evoke old-style Hollywood glamour.

The gang lived in a bunch of different homes including ultra modern homes in the Hollywood Hills like this one …

Or, a hotel penthouse …

Vince and his boys don’t get much credit for creating the awesome spaces they live and play in – they tend to move into already furnished homes. What they do add to their pad are media centres and games rooms.

But seriously, when the star of the show looks like this … who cares about the decor?

If you haven’t checked out the show do it. Do you have a TV show whose set and/or location you love?

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