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My Gallery Wall: A Start

One of the things that I’ve had on my list for a while is to create a gallery wall with all my favourite photos of our family.


I like the way the black frames with white mats unify the gallery. I am also a huge fan of black and white photography but for my wall kept the pictures in colour to add some kapow to the relatively neutral space. Kind of like this picture …


My poor little staircase previously looked like this:

And now … I smile at my boys every time I go upstairs!

There are still more to add but that’s for another day!

I am very pleased with what we’ve got so far! Hanging art in your home is what truly makes the space you.

Do you have a gallery wall in your home?


Client Office Space Complete with a Piece of History

One of my clients moved into a brand new office building at the end of last year. It is a fantastic space – on the ground floor with lots of light complete with ample parking making it very accessible for an older client base.

Can you guess what type of business he is in?

He wanted a fairly traditional space. A space that reflected the seriousness of his business but one that wasn’t intimidating to clients. We went for a neutral colour on the walls with a warm toned carpet to compliment the dark stained doors. The reception area floor was tiled in a grey slate-looking porcelain and has a massive feature wall anchored by the company signage.

History played an important role in the finishing details. A gallery wall was created using framed images from old postcards and photographs that had been collected by his clients. Imagine pictures of the Main Street of Newmarket from 1891 or a High School in Aurora from 1908. I was so lucky to share a special piece of history as we selected the pictures to be installed around the office.

They have installed a painted white board wall in their kitchen area and use it to write inspirational quotes, things to be thankful for and office announcements. I quite like the sentiment I saw this week:

The grand opening of his office is this Friday and the weather looks just perfect. I will be there with my entire family!

If you need help decorating your office space give me a call!

Gallery Walls

I love photos. I love art. Especially when it’s framed.

Photos tell such an amazing story about a family and help us to remember good times and important occasions.

I’ve been thinking about putting together a gallery wall in my home for sometime now. The staircase and a section of the wall in the second floor hallway would be perfect.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you some gallery walls that I am grooving on right now.

This staircase is jam packed with eye candy.

Love this dining room gallery

Another staircase with a collection of black and white photography

The dramatic blue of the high gloss walls in this living room is toned down by the wraparound gallery walls

This gallery wall draws the eye up and down via the unified and balanced frames

The creation of this hallway gallery wall was chronicled on Young House Love. The white frames unify the look.

A more modern look, this gallery wall pops out of built-in bookcases in this contemporary space.

A collection of snapshots on a bulletin board isn’t exactly your classic version of a gallery wall but the collage is a fun way to switch favourite pics in and out easily.

I am so excited to put together my own gallery wall but have had a life-long phobia of hammering holes in walls. I’ve had great success with the hole part but limited success with the patching up the hole once I make a change. 3M adhesive strips were invented for people like me.

What do you think about gallery walls? Do you have one in your home?

all images via here