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Today I Remember …

Today I’m thankful for the simple things in life …

A warm bed

Being able to walk my boys to school

Being able to find inspiration from around the world and know that I have the freedom to travel there if I can

And I am thankful for being able to say what I want without fear of punishment.

Thank you to everyone (especially you, Papa) who fought and are fighting today. I dearly treasure my peaceful country and my freedom. I am eternally grateful.

Please take a moment to Remember today.


images 1, 4 via here, images 2, 3, 5 via moi


The Power of Water

I’ve always been fascinated by how water can shape the environment. It can take sharp edges and wear them down over time. It creates rivers where there wasn’t one previously.

Water has a calming effect on me. We recently went on a family hike and part of it was along a river that was running off the mountain.

So soothing how it flows …

Someone had spent a lot of time to build a series of Inukshuks in one section of the river. There were probably 30 in one small area!

Boys wouldn’t be boys of course without some good ‘ol rock throwing …

And then building their own Inukshuk.

Do you find water soothing? Don’t you just love how it can carve a path through anything?

What do you love about water?

Antique Hunting, Farmer’s Markets … sans kids!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our 10th Wedding anniversary. A significant milestone, yes, but we opted to keep things low-key to mark the occasion.

My parents took the kids to the cottage for the weekend so we were kid-free from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. The break from the everyday with three kids 6 and under was enough to celebrate!

We decided to do a mini-road trip and check out the St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market. It had been years since I was last there and it didn’t disappoint.

First, we checked out some antiques …


Stunning Blue colours caught my eye


An old globe ... USSR and all


A paddle from a family reunion in 1963!


Red, Red, Red!


I walked off with some lovely glass milk bottles for just $4 for all of them. More on that and what I’ve done with them in another post.

After checking out some antiques we got hungry …

The chip wagon was calling our names!

Nothing like fries soaked in ketchup & vinegar


And then you wash them down with some fresh lemonade …

The best lemoade I've ever had


The fries and lemonade refreshed us enough to wander around the market – it was a blistering hot day but the stalls were just bursting with fresh produce … it was killing us not to buy anything as we weren’t headed directly home and it would just spoil.

My favourite stall was the fresh cut flowers. Here are some gerbera daisies … just like I had in my wedding bouquet.

After the market we decided to check out the Elora Gorge. It was awesome!

First we had some yummies we’d bought at the market …

Mmm .. havarti & ham kielbasa



Then we hiked around the gorge

It was starting to get late after calling nine Bed & Breakfast’s (note: make reservations in July) we found one that would take us … it was outside of Fergus … and a fairly random place to stay. The people were lovely, it was clean and very nice but boy did they like their flowers.

We stayed in their only available room that night … the “Garden Room”. Each room had it’s own theme and the owners had clearly put a lot of thought, care and love into how they decorated. It just wasn’t my style – a “little” over the top if you know what I mean.

Yes, that is a sunflower lamp


Painted sunflowers all over the wall & a picket fence!


We did a final hike on Sunday morning and were amused at our choice … it was in a marsh area so there were lots of bugs but we made the most of it and ran part of the way! The view from the lookout tower was spectacular!

We loved exploring parts of Ontario we hadn’t been to before – there is so much to see!

So, that’s how we spent our kid-free weekend. No schedule, just wandering around. It was like a weekend-long date and was fantastic.

How would you celebrate a significant milestone? What do you like to do with your partner?