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See What Sarah Sees: Spring At Home

I love decorating for Spring and Easter. The fresh, happy colours are a welcome change from winter. And, it’s a sign that long, warm sunny days are right around the corner.

For this installment of “See What Sarah Sees” I thought I’d take you on a tour to see some of Spring in my house.

Bunny Rabbits … these guys have been with me for years and I giggle every time I put them out.

Eggs … Nothing says Easter and Spring like eggs. There is huge variation of colours, shapes and sizes –  here are a few that I have put out around my house.

Flowers … I love flowers. I have fresh flowers in the house all the time – every week a new batch! Tulips are my favourite but as long as it is a colourful bouquet I’m smiling.

Do you see Spring in your house?

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See What Sarah Sees: A Desert!

My husband and I were very lucky to take a mini-vacation this past weekend. Lucky because we had an awesome place to go to in Arizona and lucky because we had two sets of awesome grandparents to look after our kids!

I love Arizona. I love the dry air, the clear blue skies and the active lifestyle.

Here is the view we wake up to every morning ….

The desert is just starting to bloom and the colours stood bright against the muted backdrop of the mountains.

I was fascinated by the building structures. All the homes blend naturally into the landscape – low profile, muted colours that disappear into the desert sand and many are oriented in such a way that they protect the house from the blazing heat of the sun. Did you know Arizona has sun 360 out of 365 days a year?!

The hiking was fabulous. Didn’t see any wildlife but climbed some wicked hills, manged to avoid sliding into a cactus (which I have done before no joke) and got our butts in gear to shape up with Spring right around the corner!

Brad loves it when I make him do dorky things for the camera – this is his “cactus” pose

Me at the halfway point (aka red face) – focus on the view behind me!

Now we are back and refreshed! Well, mostly. When do we get to go back?

What did you see? Anyone see a desert last weekend?

A little Christmas sparkle at home

Last week I mentioned that I was woefully behind at pulling my front planter together.

The thing about putting together a winter planter during the second week in December is that it is slim pickings at garden centres, grocery stores and corner stores. However, there are deals to be had! I got everything for my planter half price.

So … my front porch planter has gone from this …

To this!

It’s not a stretch to say it’s an improvement! I bought the greenery for $15 at Longo’s, added pinecones I already had and spent another $10 on additional twigs and berries. Et voila. A presentable front planter!

I’ve also sprinkled the rest of the house with Christmas sparkle … come on in and take a peek.

I hope your weekend is filled with Christmas cheer. We have a few parties on this weekend. What are you up to?

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The Advent Season is Upon Us

Even though today is November 30th and the ‘1’ in Advent Calendars gets opened tomorrow I thought I’d take a moment to share some Advent Calendar inspiration.

May your holiday season be full of Peace, Hope, Joy & Love.

Do you have an Advent Calendar?


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Colours Inspired by a Florida Beach Vacation

It’s dreary November at home … but I am in hot, sunny weather right now and am feeling the love for blue skies, sand, shells and breezy colours.

There is so much inspiration all around me right now.

Shells on the beach.

The blue of the swimming pool.

The green on the golf course.

Or the amazing sunset.

It got me thinking about what colours I would put in my Florida home.

Looking at my Affinity colour fan deck from Benjamin Moore … here are four colours that I would work for me:

The blues of the pool and sky, the green reflects the palm trees, lush vegetation and the grass on the golf course and the yellow for a burst of colour.

What colours would make you happy in your tropical paradise?

summer holidays … 9 weeks of fun (and some work)

The kids have been out of school for almost two weeks now. They are happy to have the time off and the break so far has been good for all (yes, if you know my kids, I will likely eat those words by mid-August!).

However, the school break for holidays brings a whole new meaning to figuring out how to get work done while keeping things running on the home front.

It was easy when the kids were in daycare. The school calendar meant nothing – the only time daycare closed was on stat holidays.

Now that my older two kids are in school full-time dealing with school holidays (especially 9 weeks in the summer!) has become a bit more of a juggling act. And by juggling, some days, I mean throw all the balls up in the air and hope I catch some.

I thrive on structure. I love knowing when I have time set aside to do what I need to do. The school year is great for this because I can map out work time, school (for me) time, volunteer time, home stuff time etc. There is never enough time to get everything I want done but I generally subscribe to the theory that the important things always happen … somehow.

This Steven Covey matrix is a helpful way to prioritize.

Summer is a bit more of a scheduling challenge. July & August. 9 weeks. I need to figure out how to keep the kids occupied, get my own work done AND enjoy our all-too short summer.

Camps are expensive to put the kids in all summer. Grandparents are an option for some help. But what it really boils down to is a colourful cocktail with a little bit of this and a little bit of that (is it inappropriate to use a cocktail analogy when referring to your children?).

So, here’s what I’ve got figured out for this summer in an attempt to keep my own sanity and get it all done!

Week 1 we took a family holiday and did lots of this …

That’s swimming, 6 year old style, in case you weren’t sure what you were looking at.

The kids are signed up for a few camps, some time with their Grandparents and family time at the cottage.

Then I’ve got a laundry list of field trips like trips to the zoo, berry picking, the beach, the Toronto Islands and Niagara Falls.

All this means that while I’ve managed to eek out some time during regular business hours to work … I’ve shifted a portion of my workday to the evenings after the kids go to bed. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

All great plans, right?! Of course, my original plan to dial back my project work during the summer months might have been made when I was dreaming or something. Best laid plans …

I know it will all get done (mostly, somehow) … the key to making it all work will be to clearly set client expectations, be realistic about what I can and cannot do and make time for fun.

Will see how it all works out and let you know.

If you are a working parent, how do you manage the school break for summer holidays?

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Happy Canada Day!

It’s a beautiful summer day! Happy Canada Day to all!!

To me, Canada Day is about cottages …

Haliburton Heaven

This year, if you are in Ottawa it’s about royalty …

Or, Canada Day can be about Road Trips …

I’m hitting the road this year … a long awaited family vacation. Can hardly wait!

What are you doing this Canada Day?

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