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See What Sarah Sees

I am constantly taking pictures both on my iPhone and my big camera. So … I thought I’d share with you some of what I see in my daily travels.

Today I am launching a semi-regular series called “See What Sarah Sees”. It might be a series of photos from a store, or of buildings I’ve seen on a walk or just a collection of pretty things I saw in my daily travels.

I hope you will enjoy.


This week I was in Homesense purchasing some small accessories for a client. Homesense is starting to put out their Easter decorations – my favourite season to decorate with! Lots of hints of Spring with bright florals and wee eggs.

Homesense is showing fair amount of French inspired linen upholstered furnishings. I must admit, I was never a huge fan of this trend when it first appeared. But it’s still around and if it’s your thing there is lots at Homesense.

I’m loving these “vintage” planes and cars. These are the types of finds that turn up in in antique stores and while I’d prefer the original version these replicas are great looking and an excellent way to accessorize a space. My youngest has his heart set on the airplane.

Homesense is always a good destination for cheap and cheerful ceramics and glassware. This week I was loving the blues and whites with a dash of chinoissiere thrown in for good measure.

I think I must have itchy feet right now because I am obsessed with maps and globes. I keep dreaming of where I am going to travel next. My kids have maps of Canada and the world in each of their rooms and we look at their interactive globe almost every night. So it’s no surprise that I was immediately drawn to the globes. Check ’em out:

I might have ended up with a few globes on my way out (I am physically incapable of not spending any money at Homesense).

And finally, a good reminder that I saw in the stationery section:

Thanks for taking a walk with me and “Seeing What I See”. What have you seen lately?