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Kitchen Stools for a Busy Family

As in many homes our kitchen is the hub of the house. Our kitchen counter eating area in particular gets a ton of use. Unfortunately, our kitchen stools have seen better days. Basically they are falling apart. They are kinda crap – and that’s using my nice words!

So …. I’m on the hunt for new stools. They need to be durable (like, really durable). And they need to look good. Hubs isn’t convinced it is possible to find something that is both durable and looks good. I beg to differ.

eclectic kitchen stools

Kitchen Stools

I love the idea of mixing materials and textures. I want something more industrial but not too modern. And, nothing espresso coloured. Given the space it needs to be backless and tuck under the counter when not in use. And, I’d like it to have visual weight to it. Not bulky looking but not flimsy either. Check out some inspiration ….

windows, bar stools, kitchen island


Kitchen stools!

kitchen stools.

Disco kitchen, stools

Awesome kitchen stools!

Kitchen;  Bar Stools

Here are some options that mostly meet my criteria …

via 1, 2, artefac, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

So many choices! I am strongly leaning towards the last option. Although I like the second last option too.

Which would you choose??

all kitchen visuals via my Pinterest


Monday Kitchen & Winners

Happy Monday! Here’s a pic of a kitchen for you to drool over. I quite like all the texture in the space including the wicker kitchen chairs, the lattice detail on the cabinetry and the wood beams on the ceiling. What do you think?


I pleased to announce winners to my Fall Home Show giveaway. Congratulations to Heather at Interior Groupie and Francie! I will send your tickets off to you today!!

Enjoy your day!

A Kitchen: From Dated to Ahhhhhh

I have been working with a client on their kitchen renovation and I am pleased to say it is now complete!

Previously, the kitchen had an awkward layout with sizable counter returns making it difficult for two people to cook together. It also had some lovely wallpaper that had to go. Here’s a peek of what we started with:

We opened the space up to create two long counter runs and stretched the cabinetry from end to end of the kitchen. This created tons of storage and eliminated awkward corner cupboards. At one end of the kitchen will be a small desk space. The other end will be a small sitting space but could also be turned into a breakfast area in the future.

As with anything the devil is in the details. My client has an impeccable sense of style and knows what she likes. I loved it!

The cabinet profile, the cabinet hardware, sink and backsplash all had very clean lines. This was contrasted by the waterfall-like movement of the glass in the cabinet doors, the curve of the faucet and the pattern in the wallpaper.

We went with a 4×12 white backsplash, stacked the tile and used a darker grout. Classic with a twist.

The wallpaper turned out beautifully (it had just been hung when I took this picture so is still a bit wet).

Delta Faucets very kindly provided the faucet for this project. It’s the Delta Pilar in arctic stainless finish. The curve of the faucet contrasts the more linear elements in the kitchen. It had the Touch 2.0 technology which takes some getting used to if you haven’t had it before but is a handy feature.

We replaced the old ceiling fan with a contemporary, quieter and more powerful fan.

The kitchen floor had new hardwood installed and stained on site to match the existing floor in the living and dining room areas. The front hall tile was also replaced with a hexagon shaped tile – simple yet elegant.

The TV was mounted on the wall and can be viewed from either the kitchen or the sitting area – planning ahead on where your cabling will run and how your components are housed is a must.

My clients are very pleased with the result – as am I! Here is another shot for your viewing pleasure …

If you would like help creating the kitchen of your dreams give me a call!

In the Kitchen: Talking Faucets

Did you know that the faucet is one of the most used elements in the kitchen?

Let’s just pause for a moment and think about that. Hands get washed. Food gets washed. Dishes get washed. You with me? The faucet gets used a lot.

Today I thought I’d share with you some things to consider in when selecting your kitchen faucet.


How you use your faucet: Do you like a hot and cold tap to turn on and off? Do you want only one handle?


Height: What is around your faucet? If it is in front of a window how is the window sill incorporated? Consider the surrounding elements when selecting your faucet.


Type of Sink: You will need a different style if your sink is an undermount sink compared to a drop-in sink.



Style: What is the style of your kitchen? Is it ultra-modern? Is it a farmhouse-style? Somewhere in between?



Finish: Do you want stainless, chrome, brass or nickel? Polished or brushed?


Do you want a hands-free feature where you only have to lightly touch the faucet to activate it? Do you want a soap dispenser? Do you want to be able to pull-out or pull-down the nozzle to clean a specific area?





So many things to consider. I am working on a kitchen that is being installed right now. Can hardly wait to show you the installed faucet in the finished kitchen!

Remember when choosing your kitchen faucet choose with care and don’t cheap out. What type of faucet do you have in your house?

Designer Feature: Urban Grace Interiors

Today I am sharing snippets of the portfolio of design firm Urban Grace Interiors. Designer Erika Powell and her team have created spaces that are calming to the eye and I love how they mix vintage pieces with new.

Check it out:

I could live in every one of the spaces. Take a minute to check out more of her portfolio or her blog.

Happy Friday!

all images from Urban Grace Interiors

Getting My Shape On: Hexagon

One of my favourite shapes these days is hexagon.

In case you have forgotten your shapes lessons from grade 2 … a hexagon is a shape with 6 sides all the same length.

Hexagons are everywhere in home design. From light fixtures to floor tile to kitchen backsplash to wall art.

I used a hexagons marble tile mosaic recently to add detail in a client’s master bathroom reno.

Check out some other places hexagon shapes can be found:

And one of my favourite hexagon shapes of all …

Do you like hexagon too?


all images via here

Herringbone, Herringbone

Herringbone is popular these days. From outdoor patios and walkways, to hardwood floors to tiles in a bathroom or kitchen. It’s everywhere and it’s gorgeous!

Herringbone is a classic way to add visual interest through pattern. It’s creates a sense of movement for the eye.

This patio seems bigger than it really is with a herringbone pattern.


Check out these gorgeous herringbone hardwood floors. They create a linear quality that really moves the eye through the room.





Tile in bathrooms or kitchens are just asking for a herringbone pattern. Be it for the floor, backsplash or shower area it just adds that extra wow element.

Here is, Style at Home’s Erin McLaughlin’s kitchen backsplash.


A Tommy Smythe designed kitchen featured in House & Home.


A herringbone pattern can take a simple tile and a monochromatic colour scheme and add that extra little bit of Zip.




And, finally, since it is moving into patio season … this just teases me and makes me want to run outside!

via from here

Do you like Herringbone patterns?

Kitchen Backsplash: Classic with a Twist

I’ve got a kitchen on the brain right now.

Cabinets are a classic shaker style in white. Similar profile to this:


With a quartz counter in a grey … kind of like this:

Moving on to backsplash. My client wants timeless with a twist. Think classic white subway tile but stacked in an unexpected way or a uniquely shaped white tile. I’ve got a few options and thought I’d share what I am thinking about. When you look at the pictures look at the shape of the tile not the colour.

(excuse the iPhone pics – the colour is all whack – but you will get a flavour of the tile I’m looking at)

I’m leaning towards the last option – really like the texture and varied shape of a simple white ceramic tile.

What do you think?

Real Estate Musings: Making A Home Less Country Part II

Remember this lovely home I featured last week?

This week I wanted to share with you the kitchen in the house and how it could be transformed. The home is beautiful. One of the best features is the amount of natural light throughout.

Check out the kitchen …

I love the light from the window and patio doors and the exposed brick. What it needs is a more unified look.

Thinking in terms of quick fixes for the space (ie not fundamentally moving things around) here’s where I’d start:

I’d eliminate the butcher block counters and add darker counters (including the island) in a granite or a quartz like this …

Right now the two upper cabinets look like they have randomly landed on the wall. I’d eliminate the upper cabinets on either side of the sink and add open shelving that runs the entire way across. Something like this …

The terra cotta paint colour is a wee bit dated so I would do one of two things: either paint it a neutral white or grey colour or add white subway tile from the top of the counters to the ceiling. Like this …

Or this …

Here is the subway tile up close …

I’d also paint out the pine stained pantries and island base in the same colour as the rest of the cabinetry and definitely ditch the trinkets such as the stars and animal accessories. And, oh yeah, replace the lighting!

And … if I had even more money to play with … I’d replace the appliances, add a kick ass range hood and reconfigure the space to create a tighter working triangle (space from the fridge to the stove to the sink).

The possibilities are endless. What would you do to this kitchen?

If you have a home you’d like reviewed on the blog feel free to contact me.

images via here and here

A wee kitchen makeover

I recently helped my mother-in-law to makeover her kitchen. She wanted to brighten up the space but without going through a major kitchen renovation.

Here’s a shot of the before …

The cabinetry was in very good condition but it was a light oak colour and was in need of a facelift. So …. we had it painted in a creamy white colour – Benjamin Moore’s Marscapone (AF-20).

What a difference right from the beginning!

She wasn’t in a huge hurry to complete the project so we selected finishes as we went and looked at them in the context of the painted cabinets.

We added new hardware to the cabinets …

And put in a new countertops, under-counter lighting and travertine backsplash (she didn’t have backsplash before).

And here it is! She is very pleased with the finished kitchen.

We still have to finish painting her kitchen table & chairs … but that’s a project for when the weather is cooler and we don’t want to spend time outside!

So, what do you think? Have you had success painting cabinetry to refresh a space?

images via moi