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Feeling Reflective

Hi there.

January has come to an end. That means that we are already one month into the New Year. And yet, for me, I feel like the New Year is just starting. A few weeks ago New Years resolutions dominated the story of the day. But my head wasn’t in it.

I’ve never been good with resolutions. They always seemed to be like signing up for something that might not be attainable. So many times I have put resolutions out there and felt like a failure because I didn’t achieve them. Maybe they weren’t realistic enough. Or I was aiming too high. Do you ever feel that way?

I have been thinking about goals and resolutions a lot in terms of my business and where it is going.

I came across a great post by Seth Godin that he wrote at the end of last year. He talks about remembering where you stood a year ago. He suggests that “New Year’s resolutions rarely work, because good intentions don’t often survive a collision with reality. But an inventory is a helpful tool, a way to keep track of what you’re building. Drip by drip.”.

So where does that leave me? Well, if I look back to a year ago I have moved forward by leaps and bounds. I’ve worked on kitchen renovations, apartment lobby renovations and teamed up to draft out plans for an elevator installation. I’ve designed custom furniture, decorated basements and turned a former restaurant into usable office space. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Drip by drip … it’s moving forward. I’ve worked harder this past month than I ever have. Which leaves me excited and energized for the rest of the year.

So, am I setting goals for this year? I probably should. But I think, for the next few months at least, I’ll take the reflective approach. Instinctively I know I’m moving in the right direction.

What about you? Do you set goals and resolutions? Or, do you reflect back on where you’ve been?


Things I Love

I haven’t written a post in a while as I lost a dear friend earlier in October. My faithful and loyal dog moved on the doggie heaven and I miss her dearly. Her passing has made me refocus my energies on those closest to me and I hug my hubby and kids tight – a lot. You never know when life will change in an instant.

But it’s a new month. I’m ready to be inspired and awestruck by the world around me again. So to get back into the blogging mode again I thought I would share with you some of the things I love …

I love fall hikes. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago and even though the leaves were past their prime the day was near perfect in my mind. Even on a day when the sun isn’t at its brightest the colours of the leaves make the woods a happy place. Add to that the sound of leaves on the ground underfoot and the shrieks of kids running around and this lady has a big smile on her face.

My boys … especially when they are acting like goofs!

I recently celebrated a birthday (my 29th, again) and my darling husband gave me a vintage Miriam Haskell necklace. I’ve drooled over her designs before but was so surprised that he remembered. So … for next time I’d like one of these:


Or, this …


I love my husband dearly but what’s not to love when he gives me jewlery!

And, finally, my girl. She was the best pal ever.

I will be back next week in regular blogging mode – how I’ve missed writing!

Have an excellent weekend.

Long and Winding Road …

On a recent drive up north I took a bunch of photos out the car window and played with the image settings. I was with a couple of girlfriends and it was nice to sit in the passenger seat and not have to be the snack lady to the three hungry boys in the back!

I get inspired by car rides. I am able to think clearer and get the ideas out of my head and on paper. I love staring at the shapes of the clouds, the curve in the road and the colour of the green fields against a blue sky.

There is something about driving on a road that you’ve been along more times than you can count but seeing it with fresh eyes. Here’s a taste of what I saw …

Are you ever inspired by car rides?

Going Home … What it Means to Me

One of my blogger friends Lisa writes a fantastic blog called Wicked & Weird. She has been away this month visiting her parents in New Brunswick and asked me to write a guest post on what Going Home means to me. Take a minute to check it out!

What does Going Home mean to you?

Summer Holidays

I know summer holidays are the best thing ever … or so I keep hearing from everyone. Truth be told, I’ve been a little anxious about the idea of the kids being out of school for summer. You see, I like routine, I like having a few hours kid-free during the day and I generally like the structure that the school year provides. When school is out I stress about how I am going to get things done for work and how to keep the kids occupied.

Instead of being anxious or complaining I decided to plan the summer to try to keep me sane! The kids are in a few camps, I’ve slowed my work schedule down (an advantage to being self-employed) and I’ve got a list of activities for us to do. I’m finding the household routine I crave by setting structure for the kids. They still have to make their beds and get dressed right after breakfast and each day they are keeping a daily journal. Getting the kids into the new routine seems to be working.

With that being said there is something magical about summer holidays. It’s a time to hang out and be silly, it’s a time to try new things and it’s a time to visit with friends. My kids are at a great age for doing things together in the summer – they still want to do things with me and they aren’t off at camp or working all summer yet.

Ever had a photoshoot doing shadow dancing? I have. You should try it sometime …

I had a reminder this morning of just how special this time is as I hairsprayed three mohawks for crazy hair day at the camp they are all attending this week. We were all giggling and laughing and taking turns spiking each other’s hair up.

We took a family holiday last week and spent time with friends and family up at cottages and shared special time in Ottawa just the five of us. As my Papa always like to say “These are the good times!”. Here are some pictures from our holiday.

What do you have planned for the summer?

Welcome 2012

New Year. New Look. Same great blog.

Welcome to the “ReDesigned” ReDesigning Sarah. I’ve been blogging now for seven months and decided that the start of 2012 would be a fitting time to mix things up a little. I’ve gone with a monochromatic palette and kept things simple to let the images speak for themselves. What do you think?

It’s been a whirlwind holiday of family gatherings, a hockey tournament and visiting with friends. I cooked a turkey (my second ever!), my oldest boys won their hockey tournament and we rang in the New Year with friends and all the kids made it to midnight!

Hockey Champs!!


In the past I’ve been cruddy about sticking to New Year’s resolutions. For example, last year I started a project to take one photo every day for the year. I lasted the month of January. In years past I’ve joined gyms and never went, said I was going to cook more but never really did and so on.

This year I’m taking a different approach. Instead of starting something new I am resolving to keep doing things that I started late in 2011 that are working well. Things that make a difference and things that make me a better person, wife and mom.

1. Focus on one thing at a time: I can be really scattered and find my mind wandering constantly. I’ve found by concentrating on one activity at a time instead of trying to multi-task it actually makes me more efficient. This is something I plan to keep doing in 2012.

2. Read before bed: Too often I flop into bed and I don’t give my mind time to unwind. There was a stretch when I didn’t finish one book between August and November! Very unusual for me. That is going to improve in 2012.

3. Continue Exercising: I’m a morning exerciser. If it doesn’t happen early in the day it won’t happen. Up until the Christmas break I had been pretty good about hitting the bike at 6am – this will continue in 2012.

4. Use my indoor voice: Translation – yell less. I’m getting better but there is always room for improvement.

5. Smile: Act how I want to feel and I will start feeling that way. It works I swear. I’m gonna keep doing that in 2012.

So there you have it – I’ve said it out loud so it must be real. I will let you know how it all works out.

Have you resolved to keep doing something that works for you this year?