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Office Space: Which would you choose?

I’ve just finished a complete re-organization of my office. It started with buying a new printer and then I realized that everything needed to be overhauled. Let me tell you this project wasn’t about the pretty – it was all about the practical and functional. Now everything has a place and I actually know what I have too!

So … with that in mind I’m turning my thoughts to office spaces …. here are a few that have caught my eye recently:

I love this eclectic, whimsical home office space in Paris. It’s a perfect mix of light and dark combined with bright colour.

via Carlos as seen on Desire to Inspire

Or … Ana Atunes bright elegant office space.

via Home Styling

Or what about this space? Not as glamourous or eclectic as the previous spaces but pretty and functional.


via here and Simply Seleta

Which would you choose?



A Boardroom Swing

In the right office culture this is a pretty cool concept for a boardroom table and chairs. Designed and manufactured by British design firm Duffy London the swinging boardroom table is definitely unique.

That being said … I could see a meeting rapidly getting out of control as attendees get their swing on. I have enough trouble controlling my foot tapping!

What do you think?

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all images via here

Office Space … with a slide!

I came across a feature of the new Microsoft offices in Vienna, Austria on Desire to Inspire and just had to share it with you.

The main areas of the office are carpeted in a pattern with a linear pattern that draws the eye down the hall and creates a sense of movement.

The bold art and freestanding lighting make an ordinary boardroom unique.

This blue conference room is anything but typical!

Another ‘board’room …

I used to get made fun of for rolling my exercise ball (that I used as a chair) down the hall to meetings … this conference room comes equipped. No chairs, only balls!

Naturally, any office space isn’t fully complete until it has a slide in it!

What do you think? Anyone going to apply for a job in Microsoft’s new Vienna office?

all images from Innocad as first seen on Desire to Inspire

Client Office Space Complete with a Piece of History

One of my clients moved into a brand new office building at the end of last year. It is a fantastic space – on the ground floor with lots of light complete with ample parking making it very accessible for an older client base.

Can you guess what type of business he is in?

He wanted a fairly traditional space. A space that reflected the seriousness of his business but one that wasn’t intimidating to clients. We went for a neutral colour on the walls with a warm toned carpet to compliment the dark stained doors. The reception area floor was tiled in a grey slate-looking porcelain and has a massive feature wall anchored by the company signage.

History played an important role in the finishing details. A gallery wall was created using framed images from old postcards and photographs that had been collected by his clients. Imagine pictures of the Main Street of Newmarket from 1891 or a High School in Aurora from 1908. I was so lucky to share a special piece of history as we selected the pictures to be installed around the office.

They have installed a painted white board wall in their kitchen area and use it to write inspirational quotes, things to be thankful for and office announcements. I quite like the sentiment I saw this week:

The grand opening of his office is this Friday and the weather looks just perfect. I will be there with my entire family!

If you need help decorating your office space give me a call!

Office Space of Day

Check out the glamourous offices of Aerin Lauder’s new home and fashion business.

Decorator Jacques Grange has created space that blends modern with old world finishes. The chandelier and antique mirror contrast with the tub chairs and geometric art. I love the bright space, the mix of textures and shapes and the visual interest created through the moss green loveseat and yellow conference room chairs.

I could work here. Could you?

image via Architectural Digest

Monday Morning Office Space

via Anne Coyle

There is something about this organzied, bright space that makes me excited to start the week.

What do you have planned for this week?

A Workspace That Inspires

Today I think I’d like to work here ….

I love the open feel of the space and the abundance of natural light.

The mix of wood, metals and the texture of the area rug combine to create an industrial yet very natural mood in the space. The pendant lighting over the workspace makes a statement while the recessed fluorescent lighting provides ample general light.

For today, this is where I’d like to work. What about you?

images from Jute Interior Design

I Adore this office space

Happy Monday!

I read the latest issue of Adore Magazine over the weekend and came across this amazing office space designed for a PR firm in New York City. Check it out.

I love the bold use of black and white, the use of shape on the coffee table, chairs and bookcase and the tufted rose-coloured sofa adds a perfect dose of femininity.

This space would be an inspiration and joy to work in every day. It’s glamourous without being over the top bling. What do you think?

If you get a minute check out Adore Magazine – it’s an online home and lifestyle magazine based in Australia that is full of inspiration.

image via here

Distinguished but not too masculine

There is a fine line between creating a workspace that is distinguished but not too masculine. A space that commands respect but doesn’t intimidate. And, a space that is comfortable for both men and women.

I am working on a new project and my client loves dark everything … dark wood, dark walls, dark furniture. He loves a workspace that evokes memories of a traditional gentleman’s club or the offices of an old-school law firm.

The challenge will be to incorporate what he loves and create a space that is both warm and inviting for clients and others in the office but is a more contemporary than traditional.

A tall order – yes. Am working my way through some ideas but here are some initial images I’ve come across that I will be using as inspiration along the way.

A very masculine office space

A Tommy Smythe kitchen - love the dark & light

A Mid-Century office - Mad Men anyone?

Another kitchen - more dark & light

Lots of art, heavy frames

Dark walls, detailed wood desk, bold rug

When you think of distinguished spaces, what comes to mind?

all images via here