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A quiet corner

I’m not sure if it’s with school starting or the onset of Fall but I have been thinking about quiet corners to escape to with a book, a journal or just a simple place to sit and think.

I’ve been a bookworm all my life. A wee bit of a geek as I would walk to and from school reading a book instead of playing or running. I would have loved to have some of these quiet child inspired places to escape to and now dream of a grown up corner to refuel in.

Check it out …

Imagine if this was the top of your closet?

The blankets warm up this cool stone hideaway

What a great use of space in a stairwell!

This built-in desk is cleverly tucked away and has left space to curl up with a book, notebook or a cup of tea.

I love the use of texture and clever storage in this nook.

All this space needs is curtains and you wouldn’t even know I was hiding in there.

What a wonderful space to lounge around on an overcast or rainy cottage day.

Otherwise dead space under a stairwell is put to use as a reading nook.

A closet converted into a quiet space.

Another textured, cosy space tucked away under the stairs.

Texture, soft pillows and throws and a quiet hideaway are common themes in these nooks. I would love to curl up in any of the spaces.

Where do you go to hideaway with a book?

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