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Getting My Shape On: Hexagon

One of my favourite shapes these days is hexagon.

In case you have forgotten your shapes lessons from grade 2 … a hexagon is a shape with 6 sides all the same length.

Hexagons are everywhere in home design. From light fixtures to floor tile to kitchen backsplash to wall art.

I used a hexagons marble tile mosaic recently to add detail in a client’s master bathroom reno.

Check out some other places hexagon shapes can be found:

And one of my favourite hexagon shapes of all …

Do you like hexagon too?


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The Power of Water

I’ve always been fascinated by how water can shape the environment. It can take sharp edges and wear them down over time. It creates rivers where there wasn’t one previously.

Water has a calming effect on me. We recently went on a family hike and part of it was along a river that was running off the mountain.

So soothing how it flows …

Someone had spent a lot of time to build a series of Inukshuks in one section of the river. There were probably 30 in one small area!

Boys wouldn’t be boys of course without some good ‘ol rock throwing …

And then building their own Inukshuk.

Do you find water soothing? Don’t you just love how it can carve a path through anything?

What do you love about water?