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Lego Decor

Lego is a big part of my life. Namely, my kids are obsessed with it. I love Lego. I love the creatively it inspires. I love how well my kids play together when they are building a city or staging some kind of battle.

The dark side of Lego is that I regularly injure myself on small pieces lying on the floor and I seem to have random mini-figures scattered in every purse and coat pocket.

Check out a couple of ways I could make Lego an even bigger part of the decor in my house:

I could have an entire wall dedicated to Lego:

as seen on Design Milk via HGTV

Or, I could create a key holder out of Lego.

as seen on Design Milk via Felix Grauer

Kind of fun don’t you think?


A Home Filled With LEGO

Check out this cool apartment in New York City that I came across earlier this month on Design Milk.

The homeowners, with the help of I-Beam Design and licensed LEGO artist Sean Kenney, have incorporated 20,000 LEGO bricks into the railings in their child’s room.

The entire loft space is a white palette with pops of primary colours throughout the space. I love the bright, playful feel of the space.

How cool would it be to have LEGO bricks built into your home?


images 1 – 7 via Design Milk, image 8 via I-Beam Design