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In the Bedroom: What goes above the bed?

We all know what goes under your head when you sleep … a pillow in case you are slow on the uptake.

But what goes above your bed? You know, that wall above you? Today I thought I’d share with you some inspiration to finish off your boudoir. Before I get to the pretty here are two key things to remember …

Scale: Make sure that whatever you hang above your bed is in proportion to the size of your bed, ceiling height and the size of the room. Teeny pictures look like accidents. Lots of teeny pictures grouped together do not. In the picture below the mirror either needs to be bigger or have a mate added.

Balance: Please, please, whatever you do make sure that your pictures or feature item are centered appropriately. And, if they are not centered make sure they are balanced on each side. Sounds simple but you wouldn’t believe how many times things look slightly off kilter.

I might have added something more over the bed in the above picture but I want to you to look at the vertical placement of the art to the left of the bed that balances out the window placement.

Now! With all that out of the way … a little pretty to inspire you today …

What do the walls behind your bed look like?


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Designer Feature: Urban Grace Interiors

Today I am sharing snippets of the portfolio of design firm Urban Grace Interiors. Designer Erika Powell and her team have created spaces that are calming to the eye and I love how they mix vintage pieces with new.

Check it out:

I could live in every one of the spaces. Take a minute to check out more of her portfolio or her blog.

Happy Friday!

all images from Urban Grace Interiors

Adding Personality to a Shared Boys Room

I’ve got boys bedrooms on the brain these days.

Today I’m thinking about my older two boys (they are 6 and a half – yes, twins). Other than moving them into bunk beds a few months back, we haven’t done much to their room since it was painted just before we moved into our current house.

I generally like the overall colour scheme of reds and blues with some green thrown in. However, it needs more clothes storage (more on that later) and I’d say it’s time we got something up on the walls!

The Challenge:

How to finish the room with whimsical accents that are tailored to the individual. My two older boys couldn’t be any different. One likes (read: LOVES) sports, the other likes Star Wars and more fantasy-like play.

Here’s a shot of what the room currently looks like (yes, in the glory of everyday living):

The view from the doorway

Bunk Beds!

A quiet reading corner

Lego - nuff said

Consistent elements such as colour, bedding and furnishings is key – the fun is in the accents and where they are placed.

Here are a few ideas I’ve come across recently that I am using for inspiration in my efforts to personalize the room.

The goalie net could be raised over the headboard (on the top bunk) and use a combo of posters & wall decals to finish it off - maybe have a personalize duvet made?

This isn't the right size but would envision wrapping it around the corner to fit the bottom bunk bed

I still need to source out wall art and I am thinking of swapping the curtains out for a solid colour – a denim Roman blind perhaps?

Then again … boys are so hard on the house I wonder why I am going to any effort at all to decorate their room.

This wall decal sums it up for me:

How would you personalize a shared bedroom when the occupants are soooo different?

images 1 – 4 via moi, here, here, and here