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Drapery Love

Window treatments finish a space. I especially love them in my home.

Check out my new drapery.

The fabric is by Dwell Studio for Robert Allen and is called “Medallion Band” in citrine.

Thanks Tonic Living for another gorgeous job.

Now I just need decorative pillows and a new area rug to finish the space off!


New Blinds for the Kids – Finally!

Remember ages ago when I posted about fabrics I was considering for the my kids rooms? Well, I finally made a decision and lordy-be – installed the blinds! I had Roman blinds made because I like how they sit flush with the window. I also had blackout lining added to darken the room (as they get the bright morning sun) and to prevent damage to the fabric from harmful UV rays.

I’m not sure it’s helping the kids sleep any later in the morning but they sure do look pretty!

Here is room #1:

and up close!

And in room #2 …

I love how well they turned out! They were made by Tonic Living and were super easy to install too!

I’m a huge fan of Roman blinds. What about you?

Window Love: My Home Office

My home office is on the third floor of our house. I’ve mentioned before that I need to work on finishing the space but once I got the floor plan in place and the office organized finishing the space got put on the back burner.

Well, I’ve picked it back up again and am so excited to share with you the window seat I’ve created.

It all started with this antique buggy bench that was a wedding gift …

In our old house it fit perfectly in our front hall. Since we moved, we had been struggling to find a use for it. Then, gasp, we realized it was the perfect size to fit into the dormer window in my home office. Except it was a little too tall for the window.

So, we took the top part of the buggy seat off. Et voila! A perfect fit.

Next up was having a seat cushion made and to dress the window. I’ve gone with a blue colour scheme (once the space is painted I will share it with you!). Keeping it feminine with the pattern but masculine with the colour (since I am waaaaay out numbered in my house!).

Tonic Living made the seat cushion and Roman blind and I am beyond thrilled with the results.

Tonic Living has kindly offered my readers a 10% discount from now until April 1st. No minimum purchase is required – just use the coupon code REDESIGNING when making your purchase. Check out their fabrics and custom sewing – so many beautiful things and very reasonable prices.

My newly dressed window area makes me smile every time I look at it. Look forward to finishing the rest of the space!

Windows: Bringing the outside in

Windows are one of the most prominent features on homes. The style, size and placement can make or break the design of a home.

They add visual interest. The repetition creates movement as your eye moves across the facade.

Bust most importantly, when looking from the inside out …. windows allow us to experience our surroundings. Even if we aren’t directly standing in them.

Any house I ever live in will be a light filled space. It will bring the outdoors in.

Here are a few that caught my fancy this morning …







Are you as obsessed with windows as I am?


Street View: Windows

I’ve been thinking about windows in streetscapes particularly after hearing Tommy Smythe speak a few weeks ago.

He showed us fantastic pictures from his recent trip to Scandanavia. I was struck by the impact of the windows in the design of all the buildings.

Windows in a street scene often demonstrate the element of repetition and serve to draw the eye along the street or up and down the building.

The repeated windows, the close proximity of the buildings in this image of London, England draw the eye along the street

The windows in this Cophenhagen street draw interest and force your eye to move along

On holiday, we stopped for lunch in Montpelier, Vermont and these windows spoke to me

More thoughts on windows in a future post – I’ve been on vacation this week but wanted to share some things that struck me. Do you ever notice windows in streetscapes?

PS: Check out this window display I came across in Montpelier, Vermont. It was put together by a grade eight student who loves dolls. So creative and detailed!

Images via here, here and moi