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My name is Sarah and I am a handbag addict

Anyone who knows me knows that I love handbags. My styles tend to range from monster Mary Poppins-type bags to darling clutches that are perfect for night’s out. As you may recall, I wrote a while back about my wish-list for a stylish camera bag.

Here are a couple of examples of what’s rocking my handbag collection at the moment …

Exhibit A: Sarah is a fashionable human who is capable of carrying only her own things (ie the purse can be small!)

My new copper leather clutch from K.Slademade – it’s so soft to touch and the colour is rich!

Exhibit B: Sarah is a mother of three who carries around an assortment of snacks, wipes, Lego figures, mini-excavators and, oh yeah, my own gear (reading between the lines you might guess that this purse is on the largeola side).

My new “Poetry” bag in grey from Banyan Hippo whose shop I came across on Etsy. It hasn’t arrived yet but am looking forward to having it in my hands!

It got me thinking though about storage and organization for handbags. Currently I have several shelves in my closet area dedicated to handbags. This works. Mostly. But I could use something to keep them all upright … there is a little bit of pile syndrome going on.

Check out a few ideas I came across …

Hanging your handbags up using shower curtain hooks

via Real Simple

Or a whole room dedicated to handbags and shoes … wow!

via Apartment Therapy

These handbag cubbies are practical (a little weak on the visually appealing side though)

via here

I just love this shelving for handbag organization and the leopard print wallpaper in the background!

via Made By Girl

How do you organize your handbags?


A Stylish Camera Bag – puhleeze!

Seriously. How much uglier and unstylish can your good ‘ol traditional camera bag get?

Functional, durable, bleh

I get that they serve a specific purpose but it just doesn’t work for me style-wise.

Anyone who has known me for any period of time knows that I love handbags. And lately, huge bags! They really do work hard for me though. Between carrying around my laptop, my decorators toolbox plus an assortment of kid-related crap the bag gets tested daily.

What I’ve struggled with though is how to carry my DSLR camera around in a way that is stylish and makes me happy when I look at the bag.

I had almost given up hope. But then I found …

The “Clover” bag from Epiphanie

Look at the inside – it holds camera, laptop, extra lens, charger, wallet, phone & keys!

Or, what about the “Paris” bag also from Epiphanie

Then there is Kelly Moore with the “Libby” Bag …

Or what about the “Hobo” bag again from Kelly Moore

If I was only carrying my SLR there are a ton more stylish options out there. But those are cute and petite. I am neither cute or petite and it is definitely reflected in my handbag preferences!

I am currently lugging around this tote bag from Jeanne Lottie but it doesn’t have any protection and only one spot to hold things so ends up being a black hole – but I love the sparkly gold!

I’m leaning towards the bag at the beginning of this post – the “Clover” by Epiphanie. What would you choose?

images via here, here and moi