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Al Fresco Living: Which do you prefer?



I’d choose the second setting but either would be pretty great if you ask me. Which do you prefer?


Dream Outdoor Pools …

Water has always been a part of my life and there is nothing like swimming in an outdoor pool. Diving in, looking up at the blue sky … it’s like living in a dream.

Today I am dreaming about exotic swimming pools. Enjoy …

Living the California Dream … I could curl up with a book and perhaps a glass of wine by this pool

I would love to rent this villa in Positano, Italy if only for the stunning view poolside

There is nothing like diving into a perfectly still pool for a hard workout

Rob Lowe is stunning … so it only makes sense that his pool should also be a thing of beauty

Heading back to Italy, this time to Tuscany. This might be heaven on earth.

Do you ever dream of diving into an outdoor pool? Where would your dream pool be?

Have a refreshing weekend.

images 1, 2, 4 & 5 via here, image 3 via here